Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

Cotton Mills, originally uploaded by oh suzie q.

feeling a little punky

great pumpkin designs (if you haven't already eviscerated your squash)
"this bag is not intended to be used as a toy":
instructions for these and others along with every other, pumpkin related topic imaginable, here:

dear anonymous, why must you be so fearful?

a few months ago, i decided to turn my comment moderation tool off. most of you who read this, just don't seem to have unfair things to say about what i post (or maybe i'm not very controversial ) but every once in a , rare, while, some cry baby, rings the doorbell of comments and runs off. leaving a suspicious pile of crappy accusations and insults.
while i don't care if you want to tell me that you think someone is a 'douche bag'--(although, i think a more creative word could be used here. total 4th grade boy term) be a man about it. take some responsibility for your words. don't refer to yourself as ANONOYMOUS.
are you kidding me?
make up a name for chrissakes. something like, "nelly olson" would be apropos
and what are you afraid of? that..... i've never understood either. what's so scary to you about leaving a comment and owning it?
so, dear anonymous, for the record:
this is my blog. i'm the only one who gets to make unmoderated comments on whom i blog. not you. and you know what? 'anonymous'? blogger is free. create your own blog-it's quite easy. maybe call it something creative like:
'douche bags and stupid heads who are not the boss of me'
but please, don't waste my time or air space. really. don't. you're just way too passive, timid--and boorish to be a part of this group. NQOKD (not quite our kind dear)

Monday, October 29, 2007

rolling with your home-y

rebecca odes, is the other half of the multi talented ,
multi disciplinary design ensemble, rockmade (the former being candy shooter, craig kanarick). odes creates stunning, roller shade art.
use on your windows, as a partition, to create privacy, however you decide.
all pieces are hand printed on up to a 96 x 96 final product.
odes' name may be familiar, as she is a cofounder of the website an award-winning webzine for teenage girls that fosters self-esteem and positive body image. i already want to go get coffee with this gal (she sounds so cool)
for more info, contact either craig or rebecca at rockmade

i want candy

beautiful (and seasonally apt) photography by artist craig kanarick.
Digital c-prints by Craig Kanarick on archival paper mounted behind gallery plexiglass. Prices range from $850 - $2500.

fine artist, deirdre daw (my sister)

my sister's is kind of a really big deal.
and i'm not just saying that because, she's my sister. she seriously is. deirdre is one of the major influences in the ceramic art field. here are some pieces from the site-(which i've added so you can see her work photographed by a professional)
deirdre has taught in the bay area at some of the most prestigious art schools (CCA for one) for many years. her work resides in museums and private collections all over the world. this weekend her work was made part of the permanent collection at the new (and incredibly beautiful) de young museum in san francisco. this is the piece:
and we were there to watch her adoring fans....adore her. here she is signing autographs...
when we weren't attending gallery showings, we had a great time, running around our beloved city, having great meals and playing with friends (acting like a total loose cannon)

gotta hand it to you....

i'm realizing that 'scary' is subjective. so while some of you toughies out there didn't find the scary movie, may look at this and just go,
'feh. child's play"
not really scary but a bit disturbing (sort of like, little lost souls reaching up from the bowels of earth-see? that's sort of scary) it's soap! handsoap by foliage design.
if nothing else, a great idea
found at vitamind(esign).com

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

peace out~homeward bound

i'm going 'home' to sf. my sister's art is being inducted into the de young museum's permanent collection. a really big deal. i'm more than proud. so i'm bowing out for the week. peace out and all that. have a lovely weekend.
photo courtesy of olivelife

down the tube

i'm a, admittedly, bad photographer. and i will forever blame it on the camera. and it sort of sucks, because i love photography. i think i have a pretty good eye, but i just can never seem to capture what i admire in shots that i, so often, post. last night, bored, i grabbed a roll of paper towels and started shooting through it. the results are just odd.
charlotte (always a willing participant in all things crazy and creative)
he'd probably be embarassed that i posted this (dude, if you read "the blog" more often you'd get some creative muscle!) little china girl these are fun, if you decide to try this, send them to me, i'll post them. they're so cool and weird (like us!)

bandicoot lapin-paris

those parisians. are you kidding me? they're always one upping us. or are we even competing? we the ...par venues. even when it comes to halloween costumes. damn them! my kids are busy being 'fifties girl' and ' dead bride' (ok the latter? could be something to talk about with the therapist) check these costumes out from paris based bandicoot-lapin:
where's the acetate?
do you have to dry clean these? where's the 'snap' on princess plastic mask of yore? (ok , i guess those were retired in 1975) but still, who in the.... who in the united states- is going to dress their child as peau d'ane. translate: donkey skin. catherine deneuve 1970.??? crazy french (la fou frogs). god love them. oh and prices are in the neighborhood of 180.00. available in the states at john derian.
(i wonder in france, if the mothers make the kids where their parkas (the navy ones with the smushed up faux fur around the hood) over their costumes. )

small stump sumthin sumthins

great finds this hot, ashy so cal day over at poppytalk handmade's (for those of you unfamiliar, poppytalk handmade is a virtual monthly street market. a place to showcase, buy and sell handmade goods from emerging artists"
these finds are from the 'small stump' shop
"we want to share our passion for all things tiny, old, woodgrain, cupcakes, nature, doll heads, and squirrels with you. small stump is the creative collaborative effort of lia thomas and jill pilotte."
it just so happens that these are a few of my favorite things (along with snow flakes that melt on my nose and eyelashes)

scary movie

pause this at 31 seconds and look at the window (she says the word, 'windows' there's a pause...). this creep-ola video was found by my friend becky.


from flickr member highwaygirl67

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

book sale!

the folks over at reprodepot are having a sale on all of their books. 30% off until next tuesday, october 23rd. repro. has long been a great resource for vintage reproduced fabrics and their other items are great fun to check out as well. the book collection is fantastic and creative. buy for yourself or as a gift (the gift that keeps being opened)

tri eye fulls

found souveniers, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

i love the art on this face powder package. unfortunately the manufacturer has since changed it.

the eiffel tower i bought in paris in 1990- i use it to put my rings on at night.

the twin towers. i was walking into a surf shop a month after 9-11 and looked down, and there this was. lying on the sidewalk. so weird. i considered leaving it. but it was just too provocative.


this super creepy shot from flickr member highwaygirl67

indian food

i told myself i wasn't allowed to write a post until i finished my "work", work today. (gritted teeth, hands balled into fists at my sides, tendons in my neck straining) but i can't i just have to write this one thing. because it's a great find.
while i'm such a fan of that hunk of burning textile god, robshaw, sometimes his stuff doesn't fit everyone's budget. here's a great site that you can snag some beautiful textiles and home goods
for next to nothing (the fabric is 14.95 a yard)
i know some of it, may look a little like pier one circa 1983 crashed into pierre deux 1987 at a pot smoking friends, incense smelling dorm room party (only some of it though),
but if you mixed this stuff in with other pieces? i think you'd be on to something. and the back story is so heart warming: Tilonia, a small village in the desert regions of Rajasthan, India, is home of the Barefoot College. For more than 35 years, the College has worked to improve the lives of the rural poor by addressing basic needs for water, electricity, housing, health, education and income. Tilonia helps these rural artisans to market their products in India and around the world. With new markets for their crafts, their livelihood is improved and the production of the traditional crafts is continued.
this is beautiful, i think. it's appliqued. i can't imagine the amount of time that went into this. makes my finger tips hurt.
ok, i'm outta here. i need to work.

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