Monday, April 28, 2008

madeline weinrib sample sale

if you live in manhattan or any where NEAR nyc.... please, for me, hit the madeline weinrib sample sale at ABC carpet next week. weinrib is renowned for her vibrant color palette and minimalist, graphic patterns based on traditional imagery.
over the past ten years, weinrib has traveled the world developing, innovative lines of carpets and textiles while working closely with the artisans who make her impeccably handcrafted products.
for the first time madeline is offering a wide selection of samples created during her exotic travels as well as past staples from her highly coveted collection at 40 to 60% off. a generous assortment of pillows made from vintage textiles and culled from madeline’s most popular collections will be available.
saltwater pillows hand-quilted in India and over sized amagansett pillows perfect for lounging are $30 to $175 (marked down from $60 to $350).
ikat and suzani pillows are $200 to$450 instead of $450 to $900.
reversible amagansett cotton and wool flat weave carpets are now $100 to $800 (reduced from $225 to $1400). wool pile rugs start at $800 to $4000 (marked down from $2500 to $8000).
ABC Carpet & Home, 881 Broadway at 19th Street, Lower Level (212-473-3000 x780) Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 11-6:30 Thu May 2—Sun May 11

whoa! daddy

shane brown's 'big daddy antiques' is known in the l.a. design and landscaping world for its showroom, filled with vintage & antique garden decor- including fountains, urns, planters, stone water vessels, troughs and wrought iron garden decor, antique furniture and found objects.
tucked among a row of warehouses in an industrial area of south los angeles (off of the 110 freeway), it's easy to drive right by the unassuming building. but it's definitely worth the trip. brown's extensive stock is constantly being updated.
how about a giangantor clam shell, filled with ice to chill your drinks this summer. that albaster lamp base is simply serene and beautiful.
take a number ....
he sells sea shells rusty bust anyone?
the urn on the far right is an old olive container. the iron number on the far left is 'sold'.
besides the garden decor, brown carries unique pieces for the indoors, unearthed from resources, here, in the states as well as, asia and europe. check out all of the little treasures tucked into this shelving unit, below, i love those wire, locker room baskets.
recently, brown's opened a big daddy antiques outpost, in corona del mar. i hear it's not as huge but it's just as fabulous. the trouble with this sort of joint? you'll want one of everything.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

peace out

mixedflowerscu, originally uploaded by danske.

good touch....bad touch

these are authentic, mud daub and raffia, bee hives from the 1940s.
and they're hungarian.
would you display these in your home?
good touch? bad touch? (you can pick up 3 for $2,200)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day

oh how embarrassing. between self congratulatory posts and insipid rants on fashion...i've forgotten to give the earth a big hug.
happy day, you old coot. please, not again

i know i'm getting old because, i'm at that age where i'm starting to see trends recycle. but, kids, this one is bad. trust, aunt megan on this. bad, bad, bad. i did this one. they didn't really look cool then. and, you know what? i kinda knew it (like i knew that asymmetrical bob was sort of a poor choice). but i went ahead and cashed in my month's wages from the limited on a pair of red ones. and then cranked up my UB40 cassette, and drove around with the top down all 'cool 'n shit'. woo hoo!
tasteful people of the blog world, be on alert:
i've just driven through the beverly hills/west hollywood area and saw no fewer than 10 GROUPS of people in the 20 something range, sporting this 'new' trend--and in WHITE no less. *sigh*, i wish my demographics were a bit more relevant. but to those of you out there that know what i'm talking about....this is truly one recycled trend that i promise you, you need to put down now and move away from....quickly. perhaps if you so need to regurgitate the 80s, something a little less a toni home perm and some stirrup pants would work for you.

that girl

the other day, i was asked who my fashion inspiration was.
why anyone would even be remotely moved to ask this question, is beyond me. mostly, because i seem to be lacking one as of late. maybe this said person, was going to kindly, slip me a little piece of paper with a name on it. drawing me in closely, saying, in a stage whisper, 'you should give her a call' and then closing my hand around the paper, patting it for safe keeping. 'call her. she can help'
and maybe, just maybe as i unfurled my sweaty little hand, inside was a slip of paper with the name 'liebemarlene' . liebe what?
liebemarlene is the flickr handle of the enigmatic 20 something year old (that i stalk regularly on flickr), rhiannon. i'm absolutely intrigued with her. this girl, is one of the most talented stylists, i've seen in awhile. i don't care if you're into vintage clothing or not (i, personally, can't do the vintage smells but i love the look) she's got something going on that doesn't come along often. check her out: can we have a moment with those shoes and those tights???
at first, i thought, easily this person is in the fashion industry. she must be the front man of several designers and stylists. but doing a little more sluething i found out that she lives/lived in a small town outside of chicago. which makes it that much better.
after going to a small christian college in the midwest, and having a penchant for dressing in vintage (her version of rebelling) she broke out of her office job and started a full time ebay store selling her finds. look at her. killer combos. she's total rock star status with the clothes (great hair too) i just know creative directors at anthro, marc jacobs, etc. are also stalking her.
as i stood, in my juicy sweats , hard tail pants , running clothes, hanging on the open refrigerator door, pondering the question posed, i realized this: people like rhiannon inspire me. it's all about owning the look after all. self express, have fun and run with it.
if you feel like doing a little stalking on your own check out her constantly updated flickr site, her blog, her my space profile and finally~ pick up some of these pieces on her ebay shop.

Monday, April 21, 2008

post 733

ORANGE, originally uploaded by jeeked.

a little over a year ago, sfgirlbybay, victoria smith asked if i would 'guest blog' for her while she was away on business. i was beyond flattered. i had been a fan of her blog since its inception. i had no idea what i was doing --what the angle of my dangle was to be. but, who doesn't love a challenge. i took the bait and was hooked.

of course, looking back, that first post was a bit of a lesson in cringe. none the less, i had a blast doing it and decided to try my little fledgling wings with my own blog. so i got busy, and started posting away. soon there after, holly becker was incredibly kind and featured my little bloglette as 'blog of the week' on decor8. once again, demonstrating the generosity of this particular sector of the bloggity blog world.
after one year and 732 posts, i want to thank all of you for continuing to read, comment, contribute, contact, overlook my blatant defiance around the rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling, and to just be, generally, a really cool group of people.
in the spirit of my blog-mothers, please send me a link to your blog (if i don't already have it included on my blog crushes) there are SO many amazing blogs out there that need to be shared.
oh, and thank you again. really. you da best.

a delightful dissaray of found objects & clutter

recently my oldest and dearest friend, stayed at my house while i was out of the country. when we finally got around to catching up, she said, 'oh by the way, i stayed in charlotte's room.' (my never tidy but always joyful, 7 year old)
" i wanted to be surrounded by tutus, stuffed animals and rock collections" she explained.
having an intense week of work it seemed she just needed a bit of youthful, girlie, bon vivant. that's exactly what "flutter", an eccentric, and elegant shop in Portland, Oregon feels like to me. a grown up (cleaned up!) version, of a little girl's environment.
chocked full of interesting finds for the home; some new, some antique. beautiful, sometimes odd, all pulled together in a fantastical way. insect pillows, meet floral hooked rugs.....
beautiful, gossamer clothing by clothier frocky jack morgan sits amidst books ranging from havana to frida surrounded by collections of ephemera, taxidermy, vintage wall art, funky furniture and yummy perfumes.
thank you, keeshagirl4 for these 2 photos
i think i could lose myself in this dreamy little boutique for could charlotte.


3948 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227 phone: 503.288.1649

Friday, April 18, 2008

peace out

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spot on

toss out your torchiere this is such a great idea for lighting. a bit industrial, completely functional and in a group, looks almost like a bunch of alien birds, having a look around.
  1. "movie" from, thomasville (who knew) $799.00
  2. "photographer's tripod" from, P to the B $299.00

it's curious....naturally

prop book of the masses, 'the cabinet of natural curiosities' has been marked down from $70.00 to $44.00 (big size) and $200.00- $126.00 (jumbo size)
seen in every photo shoot, FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS. this may be the final nail in the coffin for the, exhausted, 'coral design element' trend.

gimme a break

i heard it was 40 and gray in wisconsin last weekend. STILL. my god people, are any of you not in the fetal position rocking back and forth? enough with this winter thing. we get it. don't you think you deserve a few days of dry heat and quiet breeze next to a still pool? maybe bring some friends, maybe just a good book.....yes. you do.
here's a great little bone that was thrown my way. the modern hideaway in palm springs. this home has been restored, beautifully, to it's original mid century vibe, in the HOT desert of palm springs. (if you live in l.a., i'm very picky, and this place is killah. you've got to check it out for your next trip out there)
i can tell you, from experience, there are really only a handful of great places to stay in palm springs. this is , fo sho, one of them. imagine getting a group of your friends together for a week or a weekend here. and here's your blogger bro deal....mention the blogger discount and you'll get 15% off

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mod pod wine pockets

you could, seriously, bring a bottle of air to your lovely hostess and she'd be blown away by your generosity. (love the 'location' for the shoot. the 70s fireplace. groovy, fondue party vibe.)
i think i'd have to make them into tiny pillows when the wine was done being handed over. or maybe, you people with the tiny dogs --could stick them in one of these, head poking out.... and i don't know, carry them around. there just has to be something else to do with these. they're too beautiful for a one time use.
and it's a really good thing it's not me who's making them (for many reasons) i'd be charging a hella more. i just figured it out, stick your plastic grocery bags (reduce/reuse/recycle) in these when the bottle's gone. really, handy if you're a dog owner. wine pockets by space moderne. $18.00 ***here***

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