Thursday, April 10, 2008

spitzmiller lamps

lately, the name, christopher spitzmiller has been coming up in my little world. 4 totally random, unprompted mentions in one week. and those only came after i had put together a proposed room design in which i hope to use a few of his incredible lamps. a sign from the blog gods could not make itself more clear.
spitzmiller is one of the hottest (i know. trust me. he may have just pushed mr robshaw out of his first place standing) lamp designers of our day. his work is nothing short of elegant, beauty. the forms are timeless and classic and brought to a jewel like level of luxury by the artisans who hand create each one. no more than 60 a month are produced.
besides the perfection of the silhouette, the colors of the glazes used, are so beautiful that you want to walk up and stroke the lamp. seriously, the photos are great, but in person, it's hard not to touch them. rich, hues of brown with a touch of purple, gorgeous, milky blues, the creamiest yellows, corals and greens that range from celedons to vibrant emerald make up the palette of over 40 colors. each lamp is set upon, a hand turned, wood base that is then gilted in 23k yellow gold or 9k white gold. definitely the haute couture of lighting. simply and perfectly, divine.


katiedid said...

Cool....very cool. I am adding to my bookmarks to send for a catalog. Thanks for the resource!

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, and that they're merchandised/shot in THAT is fun to look at.

One of my self-inflicted rules is "Buy lamps in PAIRS".

(I know, it's straight-laced-strict - I try not to enforce it on others....!!)

Trying to click with the white shades on the brown & black lamps, I get a "prototype/sample" vibe.......
White shades on the others - nice.

beachbungalow8 said...

yes, they come with the vellum shade, but the possibilities for a custom shade are so fun to think about.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Megan - the glaze is something to behold. The last time I called to ask for glaze samples, Christopher answered the phone. You know how I like things like that. Oh, and he dated our big city friend for a while. Too bad THAT didn't last.

Jessie said...

These are AWE. SOME.

Great inspiration for the decor overhaul I'm trying to do on our bedroom right now. Something like this would be darling on our mismatched night stands.

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