Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i'm smitten

on my daily blog hopping yesterday, i came across leah hennen's {aka 'more ways to waste time'} dining room re-vamp.
being a lover of walls washed in a blue hue {this one in ben. moore~ 'sonoma skies'} , i instantly did a double take. the room has a new found, airy, brevity to it. open and fresh.
but what really drew me in was the collage curation of her 'etsy' found, art work.
i love seeing etsy at work. not that anyone needs reminding, but what a fantastic resource with which to fill our walls. everyday, at any time, you can pop over to etsy and have the opportunity to acquire great art from great talent {at mad prices}
check out the rest of hennen's room here. it's really something to see.
* i'm so digging that foxy piece by 'i'm smitten'

Monday, September 29, 2008

read something 'naughty' today...

in honor of the last few days of 'banned book week', run to your nearest library and proudly, check out some 'controversial' reading matter.....because you can.

the shirt off my barack

hands down, the best barack tshirt out there.
start representing today:
mnkr clothing

mixed tape monday

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes
inspired by watching too many commercials this weekend. i think 'mellow' mixed tape monday may be more apt.
thank you flickr member, danske for the beautiful photo.

Friday, September 26, 2008

peace out

'Milo' 199?-2008
You were a mercy take in the beginning, the shelter couldn't hang on to you much longer. Not a real "looker". Old, gray muzzle, body covered in every possible lump and bump, walking like your dog suit was too tight, breathe that smelled like a garbage dump. A living 'Eyeore'. You were clutzy, and socially inept at the dog park {nibbling other dogs' ears is no way to make friends} but never asked for much. Just a home. A new home and maybe a little love from a new family.
You got that family. A family that fell in DEEP, l. o. v. e. with your loveable, kind, patient self. A family of crazy girls who applied make-up  as you, calmly, sat in a tutu. Who hugged on you, tugged on you and lavished you with kisses daily, hourly and even up to that final moment.
As dogs go, as friends go, as little spirits go, you are one of the best. Thank you for finding us all those many years ago. You changed our lives forever. And you will always be a part of  the story of this family.
peace out, old man. You are deeply loved and will never be forgotten.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

good times in a bottle

if i could save time in a bottle, the first thing that i'd like to do is to save everyday....ok wait.
kill the music.
love this idea. dirt, sand, shells, rocks~whatever detritus you find along the way from your latest vaca. all contained in uniform {or varied} labeled bottles. organic, smelly, tactile,  memories of good times past. which makes me wonder, what i would have saved in a bottle labeled, "12-14", "college", "early 20s", "whacked out new mother" etc.
 i especially love that these are sitting under a gilded frame. image found on apartment therapy

papers edge

is she a girly girl?
is he a dog lover?
perhaps she loves ducks...
disappointed by the lack of modern, affordable art for children's rooms, artist, emily started papers edge. beautiful, simple, custom art with a modern and charming appeal. want one too?
more of her work and how she works..... here
{these would make great gifts}

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

for eyes

these: still bad. still want you to carry a boom box playing, circus calliope sounds as you walk down the street {a clown nose would be good too}
but these? lovely. if you can't see the difference.....you're on your own.

Monday, September 22, 2008

hot seat

yes. this would be a perfect desk chair. so saccharine and pink it makes me teeth hurt.
i, truly j'adore.

mixed tape monday

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes
mellow chic music to ease you back into the swing of things. {with a few funny ones thrown in}

Friday, September 19, 2008

peace out

, originally uploaded by Maditi.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

pearl drops

these pieces from the 'hedy' collection by h for hannah, are so beautiful in their simplicity. bone china. simple forms. elegant.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

bong in D minor

while at 'nest' last month, i found this cool looking line of perfumes with what appeared to be a fragrance called, 'bong in D minor' by tokyomilk.
naturally, i had to know what 'bong in D minor' smelled like.
pulling off the top i wafted in the most complex but light fragrance. multi layered but not at all stomach turning. i quickly ran through the line up. there was 'french kiss': a citrusy gardenia smell, ' dead sexy' a hot little blend of deep vanilla and exotic wood, 'let them eat candy': a fruity mix of apples, peaches and violets
'ex libris': an earthy, studious, fig scent...the list went on.
i settled in on my favorite, a scent called 'contemplation' which has this lovely earthy smell of teak, citrus and cedarwood. i'd almost buy this, alone, because the packaging is so great. 'typewritten' labels with a corresponding, vintage image on the back. simple. clever.
and what of "bong in D minor"?
actually, a mis~read. 'song in D minor' is a lovely mix of white orchid, orange flower and gardenia.
{because i get no kick backs, i'll let you google the scent and find it at the nearest website in your neighborhood}

eurobad '74

please. what's not to like about anything circa 1974, european and in bad taste. it's the brilliant trifecta of perverse design.
i actually find some of the elements in these shots appealing...
not as in, 'i'm putting these in "the file"....but more like,
i'd love to see these re~shot as a fashion shoot.
some of these make my nose itch
she's reading to a doll. with a fern.
gross. dusty rose, plush carpet on the bathroom floor. what's going on here? it looks like some kind of, vintage, german wellness spa.
let's see, how can we best sell these tiles?
i know, the shot takes place in a bathroom, with a boy dressed like a business man lifting up the skirt of an adult woman, dressed like a little girl. genius.
why even bother with the pillows. {creepy doll}
i don't even know what this is. shelving? fireplace ovens?
all of these shots were found **here**

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sharon montrose and squeak

one of my favorite author/photographers has done a sweet editorial on her dog 'squeak'.
while the photos are charming and the dog a little character, her house is just fabulous.{by the way the little dunces on the wall are by blackapple and can be found here*}
see more of sharon's work {and a few more of her home}, on her blog~ here

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