Friday, January 30, 2009

peace out

high seas, originally uploaded by Supercapacity.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i like your coat

uh, hi, little french, lizzie grubman look alike, your coat is the shizz.
May I please have it?

the irony of a metaphor

Don't you love being in a gallery and seeing two people, head to head, viewing a piece of art, rubbing their respective chins while, pompously, deconstructing it...'very dadaist in its object de-contextualization, blah blah blah'. whatever.
I'll just put it in my own plebeian terms, 'cool still lifes' by photographer Chema Modez

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

like the blog before me said:the domino effect~ another one bites the dust.

Word on the street today: domino magazine is the next shelter rag to go under.
The fun, youthful magazine has been a great inspiration to so many since it opened its doors in April of '05. I have and will keep all of my issues for future reference.
We're sad to see you go domino!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sweet carvings

At first glance I thought, 'these are great custom gift ideas for valentine's day' but the more I thought about it, I'd love to have a little something like this one below... with my sweet 'milo's initial.
artist, julieann will custom carve your intials into this polymer clay piece, which would be cute on a key ring.
$12.00 {ha! such a deal}
{measures approx. 3/4" x 1 1/2" and come with eyepin and jumpring for hanging}
I posted on artist, jessica rust's custom birch tree line once before. I'm still in hearts over her work. So pretty and simple, but personal.
$58.00 for a set of 4 {ships within 1-2 weeks}
as my mom always said: carving your names into a tree is sweet and romantic, but not so much for the tree. {or something along those lines}

Monday, January 26, 2009

From the mixed-up files of architect, Eric Clough

When hired to renovate the Klinsky- Sherry family's Fifth Avenue apartment, architect Eric Clough turned the request to do something non-cookie cutterish, into a living scavenger hunt throughout the home.....without clue-ing in the client.
The hunt involved a maze of ciphers, riddles, poems and custom-built furniture with hidden drawers and panels. A fictional narrative and a soundtrack was included in the final project as well. The crazy part of this story is that the family, really had no idea this was going on, even as they lived within the newly remodeled apartment for nearly a year.
Until one day a letter arrived in the mail with a cryptic poem that began with these lines:

We’ve taken liberties with Yeats

to lead you through a tale

that tells of most inspired fates

The poem continued, leading them to a hidden panel in which contained a beautifully bound leather book, holding more clues.
One of the clues was carved into their 11 year old son's radiator cover. Soon after moving into the home, the son's friend cracked the code, and yet the family remained unaware of the bigger game.
Behind this airplane drawing, lies a model of the kitchen, where a musical score, written for the project can be found, in a drawer above the stove.
Clues are written behind framed art in the bathroom.
Hidden panels on a side board, reveal keys to key holes, some where in the home.
and what was the ultimate treasure at the end of this maze?
a beautiful poem, written by the client for his family, many years before.
The research and development of the project took up to 4 years to finish while the actual renovation, took a mere year and half.
Source: New York Times. All Photos: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

what did you do this weekend?

I kept it on the d.l. which means, plenty of time for skipping across the blog pond, and landing on great ones such as U.K. blogger, katja hentschel's glam canyon (via- design for mankind)
chronicling a far more interesting Friday night than I've had in...well years.
have you ever seen such concentration while working the hoop?
notes for my next party:
  1. hul-a-hoops
  2. fur eye lashes
  3. camera with a giant flash
    glam canyon: live vicariously

Saturday, January 24, 2009

sofia's rings

are killing me. they're so candy-licious.
and so is her house.
see more of it at the selby.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Peace out

, originally uploaded by ohbara.

bb8 on decor8

I feel so honored, and beyond flattered that holly over at decor8 included me in her new 'Creativity Series: Just Do It!'. I was so inspired by the idea behind this series. I think we can all help and encourage each other to just hang in there and keep-on-keeping on. One step in front of the other. If there is one thing that I can impart it's, 'be kind to yourself'.
to read about all of my crazy workout tips go *here*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

reynolds ware

UK based, ceramic artist Daniel Reynolds creates stunning, vessels, dishes, and more~ using a combination of English porcelain, studio glass and precious metals.
What's great, for all of you inquisitive types, is that his site offers an inside look at the process he uses to get from,
point A: onion, fennel, melon etc.
point B: creating a form that is perfect by nature and turning it into an exquisite fragile piece of art. A bit of 'gilding the lily' you might say
is it me or does that lettuce look different.
check the site out for more photos ::here::

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what she didn't wear

what's she wearing, what's she wearing......move the camera. come on. ok. now I can see it.
ah. beautiful. yellow. great color on her. what shoes though. God, pan down so that I can check out the shoes. oh! damn! she's seated. love that neckline. what is that? crystal? stunning. great coat. classic yet modern design. Timeless....... They're all so mellow in that family........ I wonder if the older kid is getting bored..... She looks bored.... Cute little coat..... She looks bored to tears. Wonder what's going through her mind.... "these tights itch", "I should've snuck my nintendo", "who decided leather gloves are warm?" Yes. Must be, she just stuck them in her pocket.
More fidgeting. I'd die. Let's see how Michelle handles this. ooh. nice stern, disapproving-yet loving glare. great technique M.
Lovely. oh here comes the star spangled banner....tears. more tears. love my country. sigh. Can't wait to see what she wears tonight....
While, my fellow bloggers around the blog pond are fervently scribing posts on Isabel Toledo this evening, I've decided to instead, post a few of the submissions that didn't make the cut for the Inaugural Ball.
Love this sketch. Sort of funny and beautiful. Couldn't tell you what the dresses are like.
peter som
Winter white peau de soie. So crisp. But maybe too 'wedding shoe' ish?
oscar de la renta
Very Oscar. Did you know he was such an illustrator?
koi suwwanagate
How do you choose? I've always like the look of a cashmere cardi over a ball gown.
kai milla
This pen and ink? In sepia? Love. and the dress? mwah, so in hearts with it.
diane von furstenberg
Who doesn't love dvf. Simple, elegant and understated.
betsey johnson
Oh, Betsey, you're still so whacky. Cart wheels!...but not this time.
isaac mizrahi
...Can do no wrong in my book. I'd choose this so that he would be the Elton to my princess Di.
and in the end, Jason Wu wins. ....what's she wearing, what's she wearing...... great arms, who knew......uh. wow...ok. wait a I'll let the fashionista blogs rip this one to shreds.
in the vein of uncle tim , I raise my eye brow, casting a leery glance over my glasses and finally announce, 'carry on!'

Monday, January 19, 2009

pointless, incessant barking

Today: a completely rambling, non sequitur list of 'things'
I don't understand red velvet cake. {and , 'it's a southern thing' doesn't explain}
the minolta 16
For much of the 70s, my father never left the house without this in his breast pocket. As an architect, he was constantly shooting anything that inspired. So even though most of our vacation photos were of buildings and seemingly mundane shots of anything but us, it was and still is, one of the many reasons why my dad is cool.
I took this picture over my Christmas break at Nepenthe. That guy, with the camera? David Soul. We sang 'don't give up us on baby' all the way to our next destination. {I'd make a bad spy. I'm terrible at shooting from the hip. I needed my dad's camera for this.}
Today my head is filled with this {and i do think this is a great piece from lizard press}
team donn
If you don't watch this, then go read the fabulous SGM for the best recaps on the net.
Those of you who do, knuckle-to-knuckle knock for team donn. Keep strong donn. We're backing you. You have the patience of an angel {support Mr. Gunvalson with a 'team donn' shirt. Currently available on this little blog o' mine and at sgm}
Completely underrated. Roasted on its own or with chicken, put into a soup~ it's delishi~oso and very good for you. This recipe for cream of fennel soup, takes names.
'Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country'
The cute book with funny title, from McSweeney filled with letters of advice and guidance, from children to President Obama.
and that's all I have for you.
Where's the bark collar....
I'm sorry, I haven't a clue where I found this image. If it's yours, please let me know and I'll promptly credit you. thank you.

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