impress me

designed by Jungyun Yoon {can we all stop, and collectively, say this name out loud?} was inspired by a Korean love song about a guy who discovers a sunburn mark where the ring of his ex girlfriend's once sat. They come with two sayings, 'will you marry me' and 'always'.
I love any thing secrety like this.


Laura said…
I love that the note is this secret thing that can belong to only you and your other half. I kind of want a wedding ring do-over now!
what a clever idea...and so sweet!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Augh! I was thinking of the stamp ring the whole time I was reading. Fortunately, the manicure on this model is up to date.
I love this idea. Why didn't a know about this sooner!
Marie said…
That's the sweetest wedding band. It's a secret pact. Have you heard of the "Love" jewelry from Cartier? Not as elaborate but same meaning.
-marie @ mariesmarche
Blue Muse said…
OOooooOOooo! I am in love with this! It's so romantic - sharing your own secret between you and the one you are in love with. It makes me long for spring and budding loves.
xo Isa
Anonymous said…
This is such a beautiful idea!

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