Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tune in and tune out

Grab a cup of coffee and tune in, while tuning out the grind of the day. Listen while Joni, Linda and I solve the problems of the design blogging world while examining our navels, with two new shows airing this week on 'the skirted round table'. This week's topics:
what inspires you to blog
{this one will surely ignite a few listener opinions}
trends what's in what's out. like and no-like

big bear essential

One of the great things about living in So. Cal. is the fact that we can be at the beach one moment and 2 hours later the mountains, gearing up for a day of snow boarding or just chilling by the fire playing a mean game of dominos. Los Angeles designer, Suzan Fellman recently sent out an email to friends to say that after 5 years, she's selling the Big Bear, 1922 970 square foot, miner's cabin that she's lovingly, restored from a hovel to an adorable, cozy retreat from the grid locked traffic, go-go-go energy that is, so L.A.
Suzan was smart and worked with a low maintenance, James Hardie fiber cement panel and shingle siding and then added that perfect light fixture from Westside Wholesale. {it reminds me of something you'd see on an old free standing garage from the 40s}
The living room is diminutive and before, you'd walk in the door and *boom* you'd run into a bed. Suzan reconfigured, raised the hearth for extra seating and sewed together old adirondak blankets to recover the existing furniture.
Details such as the mantel, made from half a pine log {which used to be a part of the fascia on the roof} complete with bark still attached, and the vintage bear game board image, are some of the great attention to detail that make this such a treasure.
and did I mention, she's selling the house, as is. WITH furnishings and board games {a very important part of detachment from the real world} At her shop, in L.A. she sells these incredible Swarovski encrusted antler chandeliers. Not the best place to showcase those beauties, she placed this vintage, ode to the antler, on a Victorian sewing table which serves as a console.
Imagine waking up in this cozy bedroom to the smell of smoky bacon sizzling away while the coffee is percolating. I'm in love with this idea of the old coolers stacked as a night stand.
gratuitous dog shot.
I couldn't resist this picture of her dog. And it gives you a good look at the pine floors she had painted white.
alright. this one killed me. Vintage, wool jackets at each chair, for chilly mornings.
"The light is one of a set of factory overheads I found at an antiques fair in Nashville. It's lined with mercury glass to make it more reflective. The mug tree is made from an old iron bottle drying rack. The kitchen is very small, so one space-saving solution was to get rid of cabinet doors and cover the shelves under the counters with linens hanging on cafe rods with curtain clips."
love the 'deer motif' she has rolling throughout.
I keep looking at this photo thinking, is this one of her perfectly, curated vignettes or does she use these things. Because I'm all over filling that plaid thermos with hot toddies.
apparently she has an enormous collection of paint by numbers {200+} she chose a few to adorn the walls.
while I would never see 'purpose' in those '70s velvet wall hangings, Suzan applied her sewing skills and re purposed one into the perfect pillow.
amazingly the claw foot bathtub was in great condition, so with a few changes {new floor tile, adding a piece of tin ceiling as a back splash} the bathroom was fresh and ready for a new start. That ball under the sink is braided wool leftovers from a rug maker. I've always loved Suzan's creative design sensibility. Her ability to see an item, re purposed in an absolutely, whimsical and elegant way seems to be one of her best suits {check out her vintage silk scarf and lucite furniture creations} This diminutive cabin is such a little mountainy jewel box, styled the Suzan way, with great foresight and an infusion of creative beauty.
{all photos Stephen Page}

Monday, April 27, 2009

when lambs aren't eating ivy

A great element in a modern or a traditionally vibed space.
Ikea makes a great one, for around $19.00 {if you can ever find it in stock} and I'm sure someone out there will be quick to send me a link to something a little more animal friendly.
my apologies for not giving full credit for some of the images. If you know the source or the photographer of images, feel free to email me and I'll add them.

boxing on bunny lane

could you live here?
re-purposed shipping containers, don't think I could live here {how hot would it get in there with the sides all closed up?} but I love the idea. It's like some crazy stage set design.
'Bunny Lane' by architect Adam Kalkin.
for more on the concept of Architecture as a constantly changing dynamic, this book {by The Whole Earth Catalog creator Stewart Brand} looks fantastic:

Shades of Light winner!

winner winner chicken dinner
and the results are in! the winner of the Shades of Light give away is reader, Tricia!!! I can't believe what a great response this give away brought. Holy smokes, so many deserving entries { and of course your gracious compliments were printed out and nailed to the wall next to my desk}
because there is no way I could have chosen unbiasedly, I left the choosing to I must say, the system could not have chosen a better winner. Tricia, is not only the blogger of brightoncottage, but is also a teacher and mother of 4.
With two grade school aged children of my own, I can't express my gratitude toward the educators of this world enough. It gives me such great pleasure to be able to pass along this awesome light fixture to a hero among us.
congratulations Tricia, and thank you ALL of participating.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

this is not a post about grey gardens

because I'm pretty sure we've covered that one.
But check out that necklace on Jessica. Amazing. I call "alligators are the new owl" {you may need to click on it to get the full detail} and for the record I give the whole thing a C+ with an A+ for set and costume design.
Which, really in the end, is all that matters for me. thank you for sending me this shot, 'sparky' one of my long time readers who always knows what I like and points me in the right direction.

if children ruled the roost

blanket forts in every room, chicken fingers in every pot and a slippery slide on every stair case.
oh wait, and this just found:
a trapeze in every living room {this would have driven my parents crazy during cocktail parties}

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the skirted round table

What happens when an East Coast, Texas Coast and West Coast design blogger get together and unleash their thoughts - away from their natural habitat of the keyboard and onto the audio world? A weekly chat show on all things design and blogging related called The Skirted Round Table.
I was so flattered and excited when Linda Merrill of ::Surroundings:: approached me about joining Joni Webb of Cote de Texas and herself in this new endeavor. Joni and I have been having these chats between ourselves for awhile now and bringing in Linda's expert perspective {and lovely voice} rounds out the table quite nicely.
thus far, we have two shows taped which can be heard at the skirted round table. We plan on having guest bloggers and welcome any topics you'd like to hear discussed. So send your suggestions our way. It's totally unscripted and just us with our own ideas, sometimes differing, sometimes agreeing. We hope you'll join us in this weekly, 15 minute chat and we look forward to hearing from you.


Tired of the ubiquitous coral prints from the past few years?
How about something not so cutesy, a bit more literal. Something less cartoony and more, naturally beautiful. Natural Curiosities is one of my favorite places to look for beautiful, smart imagery of all things beastie.
Their recent line of triptychs based on antique photographs and engravings, is their newest endeavor into the world of specimen images. Provocative in their theme and size, they add instant pow power to any room.
Lord Denver's horse Aditoc-
This collection comes from a beautiful vintage photograph depicting Lord Denver's prize horse "Aditoc" after the winning race in 1928. The photographer is unknown Dimension: 50.8" x 22.8" (each panel)
Here, ya go. This one's for all of you, forementioned, who like me can't handle another coral cartoon.....sure it's a bit bold a bit of a risk {rarely has "beautiful" come from being safe}, but also sort of beautiful in that floaty, stellar way.
Lord Bodner's octupus- The original is a copperplate engraving by Lord Bodner and was published in 1826 in London as part of a series studying creatures of the deep. It also comes in brown -Dimensions: 51.6" x 23.6" (each panel) Caspari Horse-
This collection has been inspired by an old photograph that was originally purchased in auction in England. The photograph depicts an aristocratic lady standing by her champion horse in 1904-Dimensions: 24" wide by 32" high (each panel)
framed images (

Monday, April 20, 2009

shades of light give away

This week I'm happy to announce, not just a discount to BB8 readers but an actual GIVE away.
FREE stuff.
One of my favorite resources for well designed easy-on-the-pocket lighting, Shades of Light, has offered to give this amazing 6 light, Simply White Architectural Chandelier (a $359.00 value), to one of the creative and brilliant readers who so kindly visits this blog.
Simply, leave a comment everyday, pumping up my ego by telling me I look 10 years younger or 10 pounds skinnier on this post, including the words, GIMME A LIGHT, by Thursday, April 23, 2009 5pm PST.
This prize is available to residents of the lower 48 United States {sorry Sarah Palin}. There’s only one entry per e-mail address allowed. One winner will be selected using and announced later in the week. light and love, good luck and all that......

Thursday, April 16, 2009

fregana licious

No, probably more accurately, chillicious. Not so much for the wide striped awning, topiary adorned terrace of the well manicured yard. But more for the groovy, tropical breeze, grab a rum drink and climb on board, lanai sort of yard.
leave your troubles and climb on board
Fergana is a modular sofa system, by Moroso out of Milan, that can be assembled around a central table. {which I like, because you need always need the noshery factor}
oh, I know, I know, 'but I'm so tired of this Ikat, Suzani thing'.... get over it. it's here to stay and it's the exact fabric detail that this ethnic vibe calls for. Anything done well can weather the trend storm. The ancient weaving techniques from Uzbekistan have been combined with European manufacturing techniques. I'm guessing making them nice and durable {none the less, I'd still make you remove your shoes}

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the lost tribes of new york

The Lost Tribes of New York City from Carolyn London on Vimeo.

bookworm party

Know any little bookworms gearing up for a party? Designer Jordan Ferney's idea for a themed, 'book worm party' is one of the cutest I've seen. Grab a handful of vintage books and go here for further instructions. {That 'chewed' hole in the invite is key}
in case you're wondering, what one would do at a bookworm party; here are a few ideas posted by Ferney: 1. The kids all bring their favorite book to trade with someone else. 2. Play book themed games. 3. Dress up as favorite book characters.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vicky's Yard Sale

Remember artist Vicky Molinelli whose work I mentioned here?
Not only is Vicky a masterful painter, but she has an incredible eye for design in general {no surprise} While working as an assistant to designer Ruthie Sommers, she realized that, 'One of my favorite things to do for Ruthie was finding pieces for clients and the store {Chapman Radcliff Home}'
With the unfortunate closing of the store {a sorely missed resource in this town} another door has opened for Vicky...
'Vicky's yard sale'- A virtual rummage sale offering art deco, mid century, French, traditional, eclectic and even stuff for you DIY lovers.
Molinelli's hopes for her site are, "That whoever stumbles upon it feels the same way as I do when I drive by a hidden yard sale I didn't know about: Sheer excitement!
Set of four vintage gilt glasses with light green trellis ground picturing cards of Curion, Ogier, Azael, and Parmenion. Superb condition. Measurements : 2 ¾ x 5 ½ ” H Retail: $45
Wonderful mid century painting by artist Linda Rogers. Dated 1959. Signed both in front and on the back. In good vintage condition. Frame is a bit scuffed and matting shows some spots, refer to picture. Measurements : 44 ½ x 34 ½ ” (with frame) Retail: $500
This is also why I opted for a kinda amateur, more personal site. nothing too fancy pants, let's talk, let's make a deal. I want to have all sorts of pieces available, from straight up deliciousness,
Beautiful vintage Uzbek silk-cotton hand-embroidered Samarkand Suzani. 1960‘s. In good condition, has some stains. Perfect for tables, sofas or beds. You can also hang it as a wall panel, if you look closely you can see it comes with loops ready to hang. Measurements: 80 x 140 ” Retail: $400
to ones you might need some extra diy imagination to see potential"
Few scuff marks. Needs to be reupholstered. {ok, of course this has been sold. but I needed to show you the great diy finds that she comes across}
Charming marble bust of a lady. Carved details of flowers throughout her shawl. Tri-color marble. Excellent condition, no chips, no stains. Perfect addition to any table top displays. Measurements: 5 ¾ W x 3 D x 8 ½ H” Retail: $150
Vicky's next yard sale will be tomorrow {April 14} bright and early, coffee mugs in hand, sponge curlers in hair, with great new finds right out of the truck.
And as with any great yard sales, reasonable offers are always welcome! what? Now, that's deliciousness.

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