Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here. This. Now.

The kids at beach camp, look like confetti from afar.

I'm busy packing my bags for a quick trip to NYC this weekend. But I wanted to share with you our beautiful beach today. Lately the weather has been perfect and our water has turned from it's normally dark, murky to a very clear, turquoise color. It's like having a vacation in the front yard.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At Your Leisure......

Long before there were blogs, there were Zines.  Those, smudgy black and white,  self published, kinkos-copied, 'magazines' printed by kids all over the world in the 90s. Usually they were themed based and tended to lean toward bands, fashion and skateboarding ( at least the ones I knew of ) Eventually they became overshadowed by that other vehicles of self expression,The Blog. And long before there was  'beachbungalow8' there was an awesome (and still is) blog called 'happy mundane' which celebrates the beauty in mundanity - Soap bubbles in the sink, patterns found in the brick work of an overlooked apt bldg from the 60s...that sort of thing.

I followed this blog, the creation of Graphic Designer Jonathan Lo,  and lo and behold, I was inspired to start one of my own. Eventually I had the great opportunity to meet Jonathan and thanks to his fantastic social media skills and charming self, we became internet friends.

now this is 'eye candy'

Always being at the forefront of what's happening next on the horizon, Jonathan has revived the concept of the  Zine under the title 'At Your Liesure'. But comparing 'At Your Liesure' to the Zines of yore is a little like comparing The Walkman to the iPod. Old and Clunky meet Sleek and Honed.

This is a highly produced, beautiful, perfectly bound work of art showcasing Jonathan's abilities as a graphic artist, creative and art director. The publication, is rich in gorgeous photography printed on a matte finished paper that feels so good in the hand and covers a gamut including stories about creative folks in their studios (which are always great too peek into) fashion, and of course, fantastically curated creative interiors.

Issue number three of four is out now and you can purchase it at his website (which is a treat in itself)

J3:Z3 At Your Leisure zine "cultivate" from J3 Productions on Vimeo.
My friend, neighbor and fellow blogger, Ann, of Peggy & Fritz, sent me this craig's list find today- *click*:

Neither of us have a need for them, nor have room to store them  ( I have 27 chairs at last count in my storage unit )  but somebody must.  Total deal: $350.00 for the pair. 

If I bought these I'd do something like, cover them in a melon pink silk or linen like this fabric:

but with white piping and a monogram maybe.

 Or perhaps a soft sea glass green with the white piping, or navy and white. So many possibilities. Somebody needs to scoop these orphans up and make them their own. here's the link.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A little lilly for your pad

A friend of mine, who has just moved into a large beach home from a smaller cottage, and is in need of a some more furniture, sent me over some tear sheets of the new Lilly Pulitzer furniture line. I  was a bit skeptical, I must admit. I've worn the bright colored Lilly frocks throughout my life as have my girls, love the look - but furnishing? hmmm. This could be a risky business move for them.

photo via Neiman Marcus

When I popped open the jpegs that she shared with me, I was not only pleasantly surprised but sort of impressed. My first thought was, 'these would work for great for shots of color in a room'.

photo via Neiman Marcus

I think, however, an entire room filled with these, could look juvenile. I love the punched up sherbets (although not with plaid wallpaper) but I'd want to use restraint, as this could go comical quickly.

via Neiman Marcus

 As I scrolled through, I realized that in keeping with the Palm Beach Lilly theme, they have included other classically inspired pieces. a little Chinese Chippendale here,  a touch of neo-classical there and even a tasseled, Hollywood regency vibe is represented.

by the way, check out how clever this idea is:

via Neiman Marcus

the below bench would look great at the end of a bed. I'm picturing a great China Seas fabric on that cushion.

via Horchow

You know what else is nice about this line, is that it's an accessible, seemingly ( I haven't seen them in person )  well made resource for knock-offs of all of those enviable 'found' pieces seen throughout the blog world and on digi mags ; those fortuitously found local thrift store or flea treasures that seem to be completely elusive to most  of us - Unless you're Meg or Eddie-equipped with an innate homing device for such treasures. If you're on the hunt, you'll spend years trying to track them down, if at all.

Both of us, singled out the O'Hara bar cart as a priority. Because you know, a house is not a home if it's not ready to entertain friends.

Some of the line can be found at Neiman's and Horchow but the entire collection  will be available at the Lilly Pulitzer, Palm Avenue life style shop in Raleigh, NC.  Road Trip anyone?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

an evening at Almont Yard with Amanda Nisbet's new lighting collection

Photo of Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas by Stephanie Keenan

Last night Joe Lucas & Parrish Chilcoat hosted a beautiful cocktail party at the home of their showroom, Harbinger, in Almont Yard. The guests of honor were designer, Amanda Nisbet and her new lighting collaboration with Urban Electric Company. Party goers dined on yummy pass arounds (dollops of parmesan topped with grilled shrimp served up in a miso spoon was my favorite) and summer drinks complete with red striped paper straws.

The collection, a clever mix of whimsical and classic, modern and traditional, was beautifully curated on Chinese screens, standing sentry, illluminating the corners of the courtyard.

To see more of the collection visit Urban Electric Co.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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1975 Alexander Calder, signed Hammock. Wrights
patriotic friendship bracelet:: Trois Pommes Vertes

Lacquered Trays by Jens Quistgaard for Dansk

summer bucks @ steve alan

vintage summer garden skirt @the outnet

Modern Stripe Bottle Vase  by Dahl House Design

Factory 20

I believe in the mixing it up of things. Someone recently told me that on their list of, "big purchases for the home", was a bedroom 'set'. I inwardly cringed. NO!no, no, no. no.  no matchy.  No making your bedroom look like a 2 star hotel room. There are so many ways to create a room so that it doesn't fall flat to the eye. One of which is to not have it all match. Bedding 'sets'? no. I like to choose a little from here, and a little from there. Same goes with the furnishings of a room, any room.

Which is why I'm always drawn to a touch of industrial cast off. It can be a little hard and cold but mixed in with fine boned pieces, beautiful fabrics or even a bit of sea grass or a beautiful carpet can make it an interesting addition to the bunch. Think of it like creating a guest list of who you'd have to a perfect dinner party. This would be the 80 year old who's traveled the world and has a wickedly wry sense of humor. You need him, to add 'texture'.

In my own home, I have it in the form of vintage drafting stools pulled up to the bar ( "The Homework Bar" as it is in our home, where the house poison seems to be Math ) The rest of the room has a mix of french antiques, belgian linen, marble and sea grass. It works.


I love an old doctor's cabinet used to hold white towels and beautifully packaged bath goods in bathroom. I've seen it in modern bathrooms as well as elegant, all white traditional loos. 

I think something like this would be a beautiful way to display a file of old etchings or a coffee table book filled with glorious glossy photos.

I'm always happy to find new places to source out these kinds of pieces. New to me is Virginia based,  Factory 20. Their inventory is HUGE.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


first two photos via:sacred cheryl blog

For those of us familiar with Abbott Kinney,  Bountiful is sort of an, 'of course' place you need to stick your head into every so often just to wander in amazement at the magnitude of inventory they have. It's been here as long as I can remember and never changes accept they always seem to have more 'stuff' piled on to the piles. Where do I start... This place is curiosity shop meets, french atelier meets....hoarder with a wad of cash and good taste.

Need some antique shells? bleached star fish? An enormous clam shell (are we still working this trend?.... Ya, I think I'm still in to it. )  a lovely triple milled soap or a venetian glass to stick your toothbrushes, a vintage tin toy telephone, vintage rusting garden furnishings.... you get the idea.

When I entered the store on Friday, I could hear voices of a shop clerk wrapping something up for a customer  but could not see, for the  stacks and stacks  of cake stands, a single soul.


Making your way to the back of the store you squeeze your way through a narrow passage of stacked mirrors and vintage cupboards

love the floors.

into the back section which only yields more.

I guess there's an upstairs too. I've never found a staircase and on this day, my meter was running out, so I snapped a few photos and called it a day.

 Bountiful is a bit of a crazy house of beautiful treasures.  If you're in Venice Beach, you really should stop in. You'll be amazed if nothing else at the endless amounts of incredible vintage finds. 

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