Friday, March 30, 2012

From the Desks of........

I'm not a snooper of other's stuff. I've never been the girlfriend or wife who rifles through underwear drawers, desks or whatever... to find, relationship contraband. ( And, trust me, there were times that I probably should have )

 But I gotta admit, there are some creatives, that if I were left alone in their offices, I'd totally look at everything on their bookshelves and desks. Isn't the desk sort of window into the mind, coffee rings and all? If this is true, my standing therapy appointments just got doubled.

This weekend, WSJ Magazine is doing a great photo essay showing the home offices of four men of renowned taste. Even thought they've been photo styled by the fabulously talented, Sara Ruffin Costello,  there are some great products that totally reflect each of these individual's taste. And, keep in mind, Father's day is coming up. For that matter, so is Mother's day. Care for a snoop?

above: the Desk of Architectural and Landscape Designer Brian Sawyer

 Textile designer, world traveler and industry super fox, John Robshaw

Interior and Product Designer, Thomas O'Brien

                              Creative Director, shop owner, brand builder - Andrew Spade

Photohgraphy by  Francois Halard

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm afraid to show this to my 11 year old. This is pretty much all she's ever wanted in life - a God's Eye like cocoon/hideout. Is it like, 80 degrees where you are?  It's a freezing Spring,  here in sunny L.A. (read 60°). If it's a nice and fake summer there, enjoy it for me, I'm wearing sweaters and have the heat on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

waxing poetic

In case you missed the house of designer Isabel Lopez in AD, check out some of these images. It might be one of my favorite approaches. The bones don't hurt either - it's an old wax factory. I love the effortless looking mix. I'm especially digging that purple velvet sofa- Venitian painting combo, mixed in with those mid-century chairs.  None of it looks too precious, and 'done'. Right up my reality alley. There are more where these came from over at AD's site.


I've been out on few sick days this week. Which I hate. It's so boring being off your game and forced into down time.  I'm not a day-time t.v. watcher either. It's creepy and dark. Reminds me of shut-ins and staying home sick from school as a kid.

My i-pad, has been keeping me great company. Between answering emails and playing 'Draw Something' with an old friend who lives in Japan, I've been scouring the fashion blogs. I don't know why. Not really my genre nor blog niche. I think because it's a great way to disassociate when I'm not feeling my A game (which is counter intuitive, now that I think about it). It's a great way to dream a little dream of a life filled with fashion weeks and comped clothing.

Anyway, as I sat in my sweats, scrolling image after image, I came to this realization: I need these 2 following 'pieces' for Spring .  (well, a realization but also the reality that I'm the perfect pawn in the world of marketing ).   I've become totally convinced that my life won't be nearly as good without a pair of Isabel Marant kicks.


I know, what you're thinking. I thought the same at first glance. But these aren't at all like L.A. Gear.

First of all, they have an 'internal wedge'. So I can Dudley Moore myself out. And they come in an array of colors.


I'm telling you, if you spend two hours barraged with images of long, lean models/actresses rushing  through airports or pushing baby carriages while wearing these, you'll be convinced you need them too.   ( You may or may not even go on ebay and consider the Chinese knock-offs. But think better of it for moral reasons because you know, that they probably were made in the exact same, factory which probably employs 9 year olds who are made to work 22 hours a shift. )


Oh and also the real things run around $680.00 give or take a hundy. (waiting for Zara to knock these off, please) down side, nobody in my daily world would really appreciate these. Sometimes, being fashion forward requires a well versed audience or else the whole thing falls on flat.


Next up on my, fever induced, 'Must Have for Spring' check list is this beautiful bag of perfection - and we all know that a shot of  highlighter neon is a must-have this season - is the mini Celine Luggage Tote in neon pink. I mean, it's obvious, this bag is beautiful. If pink's not your thing, there are several other brights from which to choose.


  Or of course there's the less trendy and classic larger version in a neutral.

 ..........and don't think that  I don't have the J.Crew knock off sitting in my shopping cart as we speak. Because, although it's no Celine, the Tillary Tote is beautiful on its own and looks like it smells leathery delicious.


but back to that little version in a hot pink. It would look awesome with my Isabel sneakers. Or even the orange would be good.....

 It's pricey, I don't even know how much, but it doesn't matter because I hear it's sold out.


Here's what else I've decided.. I'd like the fashion bloggers to stop calling their sunglasses 'Sunnies'. I get it, it's supposed to sound, "little girl playing dress up". But maybe that's why it bugs so bad.  Why aren't they referring to their shoes as 'shoesies'? It's sort of the design blogger equivalent of 'Chandie'.  I do like this girl's pantsies though. And she looks like she'd be fun to hang out with.

 This person is very, very famous among this set because, "she is just so so cool" according to one blogger.  I know that I'm totally out of the fashion loop because I've never even heard of, Christine Centenera. But she's on every last blog I sifted through. They love her.
(update: I just googled her, she's the fashion editor at Harper's Australia. So she's not only just so cool, she has a cool job. )

 What else...oh, I'm still not feeling the whole...Navajo thing- or what's the p.c. thing to call it ? Anyway, I hear that a bunch of the fashion bloggers have boycotted UO for 'exploiting' the Navajo Nation and appropriating a culturally offensive and racist, line of fashion. Which sort of sucks for them, because where will they go for their Kimchi and Blue, summery dresses?

I like this whole pointy stud thing on accessories. It's sort of interesting. It helps when you go for the Hermes version and then mix it with a little Cartier.  I may try to work a version of this look in.


I'm liking this Leather Sleeve, mixed materials look. But being that we're all supposed to be looking at mint green pants (and anything else in that 'colour way') I may have missed the boat.


 In other news, Kate Moss is 38 - as of January. Which to me is the same as, "she's almost 40".  This makes me happy in a way that only an over 40 year old woman can understand. And , it should be a reminder to all of us, that no beauty product is going to make you look young. It's all about the genetics. This girl is living proof that you can wreck yourself nightly, smoke packs of Parliments all day long .......and with good genes,  look just as good at 38 as you did at 28. (almost. The eyes don't lie.)

I love Jenna Lyons. I love these, color-blocked Celine pants with all my heart. I love her key fob hanging off her belt look.  I love her top buttoned jean jacket with the layered wool coat worn cape-style. I love that she kind of looks like a man in some shots and yet manages to look incredibly chic all the while.

 These, Maurie & Eve 'Bowie' shorts?

In case you were in the dark, as was I, They are highly sought after and even 'coveted' by many a blogger and, alas, completely sold out.


I think that's it for me and my fashion observations. I feel a nap coming on.

Thanks to the following fashion blogs for schooling my sweat pant wearing ways. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raquel Allegra Prespring 2012 from Raquel Allegra  I love everything about this line + its video , from the textile design that looks like it was done with a charcoal stick to those retro inspired amber-colored shades. Bring. And there's even more, check out the whole line on her website. here.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

creative monday

I think I was having a 'The Hundred Dresses' moment when I sat down to paint this. Or maybe it  was that I was so inspired by the dreamy dress I posted on Friday that I had to get it down on paper. The photo, itself, looked like a watercolor already. Thanks to tumblr, I have no clue where this originally came from although it does look vintage, doesn't it?

*if you missed Eleanor Estes' book 'The Hundred Dresses' - it's a great read for any age.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

After the recent death Alice Mogensen, wife of the prolific and iconic Danish designer Børge Mogensen, a series of photos were released giving the public a documented look into the home of one of Denmark's most important designers, kept in posterity as it was circa his death in 1972.

This  photo tour, has made its rounds on the design blogs for sure. But, it was new to me so I'm hoping, new to a few of you.

It's no surprise that the home of, prolific Danish furniture designer, Børge Mogensen, has garnered so much attention, here, once again, lies a monument to the fact that great design is timeless.

I'm particularly fascinated with the designer's, obsession with designing storage solutions for the home that are actually part of the house design and based on how they will be used, rather than just pre-packaged big box pieces that meet the measurements.  Below is a shot of the kitchen whose cabinetry was installed over 50 years ago. See what happens when you invest in good design?

( Growing up in a house with an architect-father, these were the kind of ideas that were often discussed and impressed upon us. Pretty on the outside is not equal to good design. The Fibonacci series and all that good stuff often made for casual conversation , if you got my father started after a well poured 'libation' ).

"innovative studies in how the size and proportion of objects should influence their design, Mogensen, collaborating with Grethe Meyer, produced a project in 1954 called the Boligens Byggeskabe (Construction Cupboards of the House), which introduced the idea of building shelving and storage units as part of a room, rather than purchasing and placing them in the space"

Are you clicking these shots so as to get a better look at the art? Ya, I was too. The blue painting above the door is painted by Albert Mertz. The large is by Knud Agger. You can also, see the unfinished art work of Svend Wiig Hansen in the ceiling in the image above (to the right. It sort of looks like water damage from this shot). Which he did using nails while, reportedly, Mogensen lay on the floor eating cake and keeping him company.   

Note a few of the first prototypes of Mogensen's Spanish Chair sit in the home, 

Those sketches....really, beautiful. 

The house sold to someone. Let's just hope that they appreciate their treasure (and god, please, let's hope they didn't rip out that kitchen and replace it with ikea)

And a big thanks to the Danish design blog, bo bedre for introducing us all to this tour.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

peace out

So late on posting lately. I guess it means that my weekends are truly needed.
By the way, are you as excited as I am by Day Light Savings? It might be one of my favorite days of the year.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

buy some damn art

Familiar with this website?  It's a great way to find new artist's and pick up some cool (pretty cheap) art. Each week ( Every Tuesday to be exact, Buy Some Damn Art brings you new, original work by up-and-coming artists. ) This week I've been eyeing the work of Kate Lewis who does these great pieces inspired by interiors.


I love a good cacophony of mixed pattern and color, so her studies of this sort of visual chaos, sings to me.


 It would be one thing is she simply, painted them in gouache on watercolor paper or oil on canvas, but she does this really cool, textural thing where she starts by applying a heavy, goopy layer of Gesso and then paints on top of that.


They're  very 'painterly' but very controlled - a chorus of controlled chaos. If you have sometime today, (and apparently you do if you're reading this.)  Hop over. There are some great finds at some great prices.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

149 west 12th street

After a brief emailing back and forth with a friend about something important-ish, and with whom it's easy to fall into ridiculous, quick-volley, email banter - we were tossing around second and third house location choices {you do this, right? The country house in France, the Island house in Tahiti...)

  • Me: no Palm Springs good w/ with renting.
  •  Her: wanna go in on a house in Ojai? Only been there once but liked it. 
  • Me: no, unless it's SF.  I'm not doing anymore California houses.  I  need an NYC flat first. 
  • Her: Already on that. 
  • Me: Neighborhoods? Mine would be West Village or Meat Packing
  •  Her: Of course, that's why we're friends. 

Then, she sends me the link to this Fing fantastic pre-war one bedroom PERFECTION!!! I don't need a lot. I'm going to be spending a month at most there.

and, WHAT'S  going on with that entry wall???? I really want to think it's ages old and not some really bad Trompe L'Oiele relic from the 90s.

I love everything about it. This is all I need. A slice. A sliver.... with personality on top. Holy jezus, built ins? inlayed floors? Transoms? My knees grow weak.

The kitchen is about the same size as my current one, so whatevs on that. I'm still a solid, 'in'. 
 (love the little grocery store roses that keep getting moved from photo to photo. staging at its best.) 

 I don't even need a big bathroom. Who cares? so long as it's clean.


 I've been so, mentally design battered by the newness of So Cal. spaces. Something like this just makes me salivate and want to cry all at once.  This is the part where some NYer chimes in with something to try and dissuade me from my dream. Hey, dream snatcher? Don't do it. I'm totally in love. And I hear NY gets earthquakes these days, so I'll feel right at home.

Here's the link. And if you buy it, please let me come and stay for a night or at least let's sit in the communal back yard, drink a beer and relish in your little pinch of the island.

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