Thursday, May 31, 2007

i used to babysit her kids....

Sharyn Blonde and i go back a bit (she was my next door neighbor when i was a growing up). I used to babysit her kids. I, basically, grew up in her home. maybe this is why, when i randomly came across her website i immediately felt at home. Her beautiful, patrician linens capture a sophisticated, east-coast, heirloom to-be quality. gorgeous, classic, embroidered motifs are stitched into napkins, placemats, hand towels and even cocktail napkins. These are the sorts of traditions that, even if you live a casual life style, should not be forgotten. a little prim, a little proper, a bit old school--but always modern.

turn your head

pirolettes, are these funky, wood, ' object d'art' pieces that are made from a silhouette that you submit.

"The “Pirolette” is hand crafted from American Black Walnut, Cherry or Maple and is hand polished to a natural luster"

not so sure I'd want one of my own profile. but it might be a cool little gift. find it here:

i left my heart in san francisco........

for all of you who know me, you know that i look, wistfully, north and hope that someday i will return to san francisco. I miss the fog, the chill, the wind, clement street, the mission, the people, the vibe, the city, the bay and that beautiful master piece of "international orange" paint, the g.g. bridge. I have now found something that will act as a window to my 'home'. San Francisco artist, Kim Cogan, captures the city more accurately than any photo, writing or painting i have ever seen. i'm not sure if it's because of his subject matter. (this one looks like it was done in my old 'hood) or just his deft skill with oil paint. he's so amazing that i actually get emotional when i see his work. And there's something vaguely 70s about the style. which i love. i feel as though i'm there-- and can smell the sea, the garlic being warmed in the woks,i can hear the fog horns and the gulls. it all wells up in me when i experience his work. So until i get myself back where i belong, i will pine no more, but will hang one of these on my wall and look forward. not backward. You can see an interview with Cogan here, at and you can view more of his heart-tugging (says me) work here at, -where you can also see his paintings, in person, if you're in the bay area.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

walls of glory

If you've been following along with me, you know that: i just like what i like. I love good graffiti, i love a great dress, i love indi art off of etsy, I'll make it if i can. heck, i even love and take pride in a good dumpster dive. but i also have a love for the finer things in life. i'm not going to pretend anything differently. One of my favorite artists that you won't find on is Donald Baechler (b. 1956) . I love his stuff. The busy imagery and simple color use, creates calm and elegance in his work. His work can be seen in galleries and museums around the world. i should make a note here, that I believe you can certainly find amazing artwork on and should always consider what you like foremost to monetary value. you may, after all, discover the next Donald Baechler.

Muriel Brandolini-high voltage designer

Muriel Brandolini, interior, clothing and fabric designer--international whirlwind and mother (god love her)... is about as high voltage as you get in the world of design. I need to stop right here because i'm realizing how much this photo- at left -does not do this write up, or her, justice. hang on....... so much better. I continue: Brandolini's glam upbringing, ricocheted from a Saigon childhood, a Caribbean adolescence and a Parisian education. She later became a fashion stylist before moving on to becoming one of the most celebrated decorators in the business. This is a perfect example of innate talent being fostered and brought to fruition by exposure. one can have all the talent in the world but it may not be realized, lest they are exposed to many a varied thing, environment or idea. (i.e. be open minded and travel!). small tangent, back to Muriel Brandolini and her fabulousness..... Her work really expresses her experiences with varied cultures and periods. her color use is rich and saturated. imagine some of or-- ANY of these fabrics (yes!, all at once) covering a sofa, windows, a slipper chair or as a bed covering. GORGEOUS. this is the look that makes you walk into a room, stop dead in your tracks and go, 'ok. what is going on here-no, seriously." and then you just are stunned, in your foot steps in awe of the beauty. this is talent to be reckoned with.

stylishly officious

look what I found...aren't these great? just a clip board. but SO stylin'. Now, when i'm in bossy, interior designer mode, i can stand, hand on hip-- with my clip board looking really cool. If cane or paisley doesn't make you feel cool enough, they come in other patterns. here are a few faves of mine: get cool and bossy here: ''

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

le petit prince

My friend Jennifer has amazing style. Everything she touches becomes beautiful and highly art directed. By profession she is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator of children's books. This is her baby boy's room: Gorgeous, no? It's so refreshing to see a baby's room done with such a whimsical hand and yet sophisticated color palette. I love that striped dash and albert style rug, placed on top of the periwinkle, painted floor? so fantastic. I'm almost positive that the 'whale' painting was something she did (forgot to ask) but this is the kind of thing she does. so i would guess so. oh, and just more cute-ness, the little details, not forgotten... and yet, by using the, polka-dots, the tiny gingham check, the pale blue and white contrasts, she manages to make it sweet and playful. handsome, charming and fit for the petit prince that Miles is! great job jen!

I can totally make that-and so can you

I found this on readymade today as i was looking for a picture of 'red branch coral' - for the below posting. first of all, i'm so jealous that i didn't think of that title. (whatever. way more clever than mine) secondly, this is a really cool Do It Yourself craft project. It means that you can have the coral design detail in your house with out spending much at all. this was done by buying willow branches (found here at Trader Joe's elsewhere, your backyard?) spray it red, and voila you have a 'spray' of red coral to fill a space in need of filling. you know, it works. for like, a dinner party table. or in a corner. it's just more the feel of red coral. but it works and you can totally make this.

take two 'spruce green' and call me in the morning

Medical effects of various colors, according to the Bejamin Moore paint company: yellow: aids digestion; stimulates mental clarity and circulation. orange:acts as an antidepressant; confers respiratory and intestinal health red: stimulates the appetite; raises blood pressure purple: suppresses appetite; eases the mind and overactive glands blue: acts as an anti-inflammatory; slows metabolism; lowers blood pressure; decreases heartburn and indigestion green: encourages relaxation brown: evokes less intense behavioral responses

your slip is showing-i'm so white part 2

I'm so excited, my new slip covers came in on friday! "woo-hoo!" (as the band 'blur', sings) these are the little things that bring sheer joy to me. I'm easy that way. I'm loving the lightness it's brought to my, once richer looking, space. Now I'm considering papering that wall with the mirror on it, with a rafia paper. It's a much more mono-chromatic feel but it definitely feels like the room has taken a deep breathe, exhaled and said, 'ahhhhhhh...summer time and the living is easy' btw, i was a bit lazy about the styling aspect of these shots. I was just too excited to get these out. so, forgive, my old-man dog (milo) lying there, and the lack of flora and fauna on the coffee table.

you're so stylin'

photos stylists are always looking for interesting design elements to fill in areas and help showcase furnishings in catalog shoots. As with most things, when somebody stumbles across something that works, everyone gets on the bad wagon. Here are a few items you can pick up to give your own space that stylin' finish. I must caution you though, don't spend too much on these, as they will, as with any trend, look a bit dated soon. the foo dog: a nice touch of classic oriental. You generally will see these figurines done with a blue glaze. But they seem to come in myriad different finishes. My personal suggestion, to get this same feel but just a tad different is the chine de blanc piece (thank you ,thepeakofchic- for giving me the name for it) that i found on ebay. I just typed in, 'white, oriental, figurine' and found a bunch of these. 'cabinet of natural curiosities': Man this is EVERYwhere. Omnipresent. It is a beautiful book, published by taschen but it certainly has become common coffee table art. why not go back to ebay and find something really fun. Maybe vintage books on something that interests you, or about your hometown, or a favorite vacation spot. I'm big on finding vintage architectural digests to stack on a table. and i love the way art books from the 50s and 60s look (cool fonts galore). Victoria at sfgirlbybay, lives in the apartment of Herb Caen (which is unbelievably great fodder for party conversation). You know who this is if you're an sf dweller. For the rest of you, he was a well known and much loved writer of San Fran. She has these books placed in her apt: coral: I do love this look. But i live at the beach so it works. Initially, it was so British colonial, harbour island feeling. but, darn-it all, it's gotten WAY too much play in the past year. So this I caution you on buying in bulk or spending too much on. if you are to buy something, buy a few prints. Do what I've done, go to and pick up a knock off and then head over to your favorite cheap-pete's frame shop and put together a look that can be sold at a garage sale next year. OR head to your local flea or antique shop (or yes, ebay) and find something vintage and a little different but still with that scientific, illustration plate feel. This one i found at a flea market south of market in sf . I think I paid around $20.00 for it. My feeling is this, you can do one better than those catalogs that keep arriving in your mail. Use those shots as inspiration but think outside the page and don't break the bank while you're at it. happy hunting!

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