Tuesday, March 31, 2009

178 Garfield

from the bb8 annals of lurking....I was clicking through my bookmarks tonight when I came across the site of, Levenson McDavid Architects their website has a great show of the firms' beautiful work, via their portfolio. I must have looked at it a hundred times before but for some reason,
'178 Garfield' jumped out at me tonight.
When I sat down to write this post, and began mentally, blathering on about old bones, and the juxtaposition of modern and antique, organic and industrial, blah, blah, blah, I had a total sense of deja vu.
Love, love the moulding, the fireplace the soft gray walls. the little row of polaroids {?} lined up on the mantel. {those chandies. not a fan. just a personal thing}
the Morraccan rug, the Bertoias with the wood dining table.
And then I got to the gray bedroom. That insanely devine gray bedroom.
I stopped.
Wait, a second. Is it? Go back to the yellow sofa shot.
oh yes. This is that home featured on the cover of one of domino's last issues.
Of course, with domino's website 'expired' I had no way of confirming {although could you forget those parquet floors in the bathroom? }. So with a bit of stellar sleuthing {i.e. looking through a couple of back issues I have stacked on my shelf next to me}
I confirmed, it is indeed the home of J. Crew, Creative Director, Jenna Lyons Mazeau. So my apologie if you've seen this a thousand times over. But it's still a completely divine little mixture of all things fabulous with a helping of 'old house lovin'' thrown in for good measure.
"A townhouse gut renovation retained the historic 19th Century detail, yet introduced modern conveniences such as high-efficiency central heating/air-conditioning while giving expression to the sensibilities of this fashion designer/sculptor couple and their young son."
Levenson McDavid Architects
to see domino's photos go here

senseless act of beauty: painting sidewalks

The art of Australian artist, Poppy Van Oord-Grainger, who spends her time painting,
teeny, tiny, beautiful works of art on sidewalks.
The older woman whose home this is, came out to find Van Oord-Grainger's work and was so touched she exclaimed, 'you are so clever. like Michael de Vinci'. 3 days later, she had her son dig up the slab of concrete to keep. She thanked the artist by giving her a gift of fresh eggs and 'cough lollies'
read about it here

an extinct art....

why don't children have to practice this anymore?
beautiful. circa 1800
more here

april food day

On April first, bloggers across the country are asking readers to consider making a donation of one dollar {or more} to Feeding America. Every dollar you donate to Feeding America helps provide 10 pounds of food and grocery products to men, women and children facing hunger in our country. If every reader that reads this post donates a dollar, we could easily raise many tons of groceries. Something to consider.
If you'd like to help please, go *here*

Monday, March 30, 2009

Karina Garrick

Growing up, I used to love to arrange little vignettes in my bedroom recording them with my Polaroid one-step and then cataloging {can't believe I'm admitting to this publicly} them in my "Little Twin Star" photo album.
{another large horse. why am I so drawn to the giant equine-look lately? Any psycho-analysts or Jungians in the crowd, wanna take a shot at that? Remember, I get to moderate all comments }
Future control freak? or Future stylist?
In my case, a little of both I think {erring more on the former, if you ask my children}
In the case of Karina Garrick, no doubt about it, 100% stylist {and interior designer, and art director, and stylist, and creative image consultant....basically, my job-idol}
to view more of Garrick's vast body of work *go*here*

::ralph goings::

Pam oil on canvas approx. 48 x 34 1967
Two Objects oil on canvas 9 x 12 2006
Half & Half Creamer oil on canvas 18 x 18 inches 2000
Boxed Donuts oil on canvas 16 x 20 inches 2002
The Super-Realism movement of the late 60s early 70s, makes me really happy. Artist Ralph Goings' work is no exception.
More on Goings and his work here

Saturday, March 28, 2009

earth hour

photo: martha stewart july/august 1997
8:30 - 9:30 tonight.
turn out the lights and turn on the love.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

peace out

DeadConNecTioN, originally uploaded by i.anton.

The influence of the design blogger

Today I had the honor of being invited to partake in the Decorati and Schumacher panel: The Influence of the Design Blogger.
Moderated by ceo and Decorati founder, Shane Reilly, the event took place at the Schumacher showroom in the PDC as a part of Westweek. My fellow panelists and bloggers as seen here, Mark Cutler {Mark Cutler design}, myself, Shane Reilly, Timothy Corrigan {Decorati guest blogger} and Andrew Puschel {Schumacher}. The discussion was lively with great dialogue between the audience and panelists.
Topics from the audience included:
whether it's worthwhile for publicist to send bloggers press releases on their clients newest product? I said, great, but if it's a form letter, I'll probably pass right by it. Sending a personal email makes all the difference and has even created a few friendships along the way.
There seemed to be a slight bit of angst as to how one actually creates a blog. Not necessarily the hosting part but, the art direction and the building part of the blog? That's the beauty of blogging! It's all you. A personal reflection of you and your thoughts. No rules. I always tell people, forget about your header, forget about that back ground color, grab a template that appeals to you and start writing. The writing is the most important part. Or posting if you're image heavy. The look of your blog evolves.
need photo of the group chatting afterward *here*
The hour sped by quickly and afterward I chatted with a few people whom I had only "known" as readers or from their own blogs. It's always fun to meet everyone in person.
I was especially excited to see fellow bloggers Vanessa de Vargas of Turquoise, Rebecca Orlov of Apartment Therapy and Christian Mays of Maison21 {whom I knew only from our facebook banter and now for 'real'} and thank you to my dear friend Coleen of Coleen & Company for dropping by too.
If you are unfamiliar with decorati, take a minute to jump over there now. This is the preeminent global resource for interior designers and design enthusiasts. Consumers are able to browse and purchase trade-only products via the web. What's not to love about that? Brilliant.
BIG, BIG thanks to Ronda Carman , Decorati and Schumacher for including me in this pertinent and informative seminar.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

get out of the way I'm trying to look at your place

In case you missed this, like you: I'm a voyeur. Not a A nosy Parker, just an observer. I really don't care to know much about your personal details, I just want to see into your house. See what you have going' on in there. What colors you've chosen, what art work you have hanging, nothing too personal. Thanks to reality T.V., now I can enjoy my sport from the comforts of my sofa.
The last two weeks on bravo's RHONYC, we've been given, annoying glimpses and out of focus shots of Kelly Bensimon's NYC apartment. You'd think this denizen of fabulosity world, would have her houses splashed all over the shelter rags. If she has, I can't find much on them. I did, however, find a few scans from an old Instyle magazine with a view of those pink sofas and that life sized horse sculpture {which she acquired from the Met}
the horse is actually pretty amazing.
some are tired of pink, or merely don't do pink. Personally, I'd love a couple of big pink sofas. Could do without the zebra.
check out that palladian* window.
I swear, the chairs she has around her dining table, now, look like they're antique Louis chairs with faded, mis-matched velveteen. But these are equally cool. {yes, of course, I paused the scene}
oh and here are a few lame pictures of her house in the Hamptons. I say "lame" because I want more. This doesn't really cut it.
can we get on with the tour now...
beautiful children in French, lawn cloth dresses.
green, painted floors. green, yellow and one blue taper. starck 'la marie' chairs:
I have a feeling this house some much better photo ops.
But, I totally understand..it's a privacy thing. *ok, before you jump all over my ass, not technically 'palladian' but it sounded better than 'cool window with the arch'
all images from bensimon's website.

fresh kill

yes, please.
1940s, acorn bureau by cabinet maker Johan Tapp
fresh kill for fyndes

Monday, March 23, 2009

vintage favorites

some of these...
in these......
somethings you just don't get at the beach.

::the exotic series:: exclusively at Coleen & Company

Leave it to Coleen Rider to pull together a genius idea, involving vintage style and present talent. Exclusively at Coleen & Company, the talent of artist, Victoria Molinelli's* paintings based on Rider's collection of vintage interior shots.
I've seen these paintings.... up close, in the flesh.
Examined them with a scrutinous eye. I've all but held a magnifying glass to them {the detail is incredible}.
Molinelli's talent is exceptional. Her technique is clearly one that has been mastered only by someone with innate talent. Bottom line, this is serious talent showcased by a delightful, translation of vintage interiors.
Limited edition prints on water color paper, hand signed numbered 1-25.
*for more on victoria molinelli jump over to style court

paris is burning

paris hotel boutique is en feu with great new arrivals.... books, books, books. do you read them or just keep them around as props? {no judgement} No matter, these will fit both purposes.
the old testament, from the book of David:
do you really need an explanation...
damn. sorry, this just sold. but it looked so good just sitting there, I didn't want to take it down. Guess that would make it a prop book.
my kinda girl.....
Esme´ of Paris the witty autobiography of the colorful parfumier personality, Esme´Davis
"Anything could happen to Esme Davis-and almost everything did." She was an acrobat, ballet dancer, wild-beast tamer, music-hall and circus artiste and, latterly, parfumier.
Numbers, letters, vintage= art.
I believe this is now the galleria. Antique, San Francisco signage, it's a good thing.
My daughter, Charlotte was born in Boston. Upon meeting her new sister for the first time, my then 3 year old asked where the baby came from, I explained, that she came from God. Her response: "Well, can you take her back to Cape God?" I think we need this.
vintage, GLAMour.
now THIS is a cocktail table
vintage Italian glazed garden stool going, going, gone! but still so beautiful.
No matter, Paris hotel boutique is always rife with incredibly, glamorous, vintage,finds. But word to the wise, you have to check-in regularly to get the goods.
(415) 305-7846

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