Friday, May 29, 2009

peace out

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

red hot

may we all be so fortunate and fabulous at any age.
fashion designer, pauline trige´re

one man's island, Clingstone

When I first saw this stoically proud house, it hushed me into a quiet reverence and swelled my heart with emotion. This, I thought, is how a house is really to be built.We should expect nothing less of modern day home builders. This mere construction, has borne forth over a century of family and friends uniting and building memories. Commissioned at the turn of the century by J.S. Lovering Wharton, Clingstone was completed in 1905 at the tune of $38,982.00.
Clingston sits perched on its rocky outcropping in the Narraganaset bay of Rhode Island. The house with it's 4 stories and 23 rooms (10 of which are bedrooms) has a center hall design from which all rooms radiate.
the massive central hall today
Every room was designed with a window, offering each a different vantage point of the bay.
In 1961, the present owner, Henry Wood ( a Boston architect) bought the dear old house which had sat empty for over 2 decades, the price? a mere, $3,600.
a stair leads up to the roof top - caveats, posted.
As anyone who's had one understands, owning an old home means constant and consistent tlc. Mr. Wood holds an annual, Memorial Day clean-up where guests take part in tasks such as cleaning windows or refurbishing floors. The above floors were redone on one of these weekends by Wood's daughter in law (seen above )
A house should be able to withstand over a hundred years of New England weather, survive a battering sea and at the beginning of every Summer season, open it's doors wide like an old grand parent happy to have it's halls filled with laughter love and the warmth of family.
No matter where it's perched.
all photos, erik jacobs for the new york times.

Monday, May 25, 2009

shelf portrait

photo credit: chotda trend setter.
This photo always makes me want to be a single, fastidious male in my 30s. living in New York
vintage curiosity.
would spend hours here.
more color coding
"unlock this door right now, I smell something burning!"
book mimes.
photo credit: Susan Moses, 3dblur design
beautiful, beachy, blanched and well balanced.
photo credit: covetable designs
the new kid on the block is covetable.
these are from a file of images I've amassed. If I've used a photo that should be credited to you, please let me know and I'll promptly, do so.

color match at a tap

I can't believe that I'm actually one of those people who casually throws about the term 'app' but, two pages of iphone 'APPS' later, I suppose I am.
Ideal to have on hand when at a cocktail party { the one where the hostess is very protective about the colors, fabrics, etc used in her house } and find the perfect color of deep charcoal blue in the powder room.
Now you can, slip out your phone and capture the color, sending it through the Benjamin Moore color finder and get a "match" at the tap of a finger . Not brave enough to go this deep with your color? The application also provides a range of colors darker and lighter on either side. With another tap, the colors can be saved to a file.
The Ben Color Capture, application for your iphone.
free and available June 1st

Thursday, May 21, 2009

509 Mount Holyoke Avenue

"First time available in over 50 years. Breathtaking, unobstructed views of ocean and mountains from most rooms."
You know how there are certain movie stars who are ugly-hot? Like James Wood {circa 1988} or Harvey Keitel {in the piano}
This little Palisades house has my, 'foxy ugly' vote. A fuxgly fixer upper.
{just save the wallpaper please}
2 bedroom, 3 bath
$2.595 million
509 Mount Holyoke Ave, Pacific Palisades

It's about hanging art - and hanging my self

warning: dis-inhibitor; let the skirted round table be thy name.
I really needed a filter on this one. And I apologize. I deserve not to be invited over to your next dinner party. I hang my head in shame.
In this installment of The Skirted Round Table, we discuss art in the home, how to hang it, what we like { and how I really feel about personal photos }
On the other hand!.....
Joni and Linda have some great tips. So, please, have a listen.
oh! and if you'd like to see my wedding photos, that I had noooo trouble sharing with the world.....they're right here.
have a blast. I'm packing my hot cheeks in ice right now.

nobody likes a frigid bride

the shelter for abandoned chimneas
Honestly, those terra cotta chimneas, don't really work. Unless you're 6 inches away from one rubbing your hands together, and even then, after a few uses, the thing cracks. Fire pits are great. When they're not burning the crap out of your eyes from the smoke or until the next day when your new cashmere sweater has permanent camp fire odor. In the end, Heat Lamps are really the only way to go.
Except that they're so damn ugly. Until now.
Kindle Living has created an ingenious concept, sleeving the old utilitarian design with a beautiful outer layer and creating a glowing piece of functional art.
pretty. like a Jeff Koons sculpture.
sophisticated and swanky in black.
I predict these will start showing up at every palm springs, beverly hills, weho hotel and restaurant.
Not to mention, having an outdoor evening wedding? please. is there any other option? you can rent them here.
oooooooh. glowy goodness.
we need this. found here.
And check out their other products
Kindle Living

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Out Loud summer blast-off

With winter over and the bucolic days of Spring beginning to wane {depending on where you live}, it's time to kick-off your summer with a little blogger cocktail event. Blog Out Loud.
Please join Rebecca Orlov of loving. living. small and myself as we host an evening of connecting through creative blogging. Blog Out Loud is an on-going, events program that serves to encourage and support creative people and their efforts to establish and maintain a blog.
The events will feature a panel of constantly changing, established, bloggers, dialoguing in a town-hall style Q&A fashion.
We hope you can join us!
click here to learn more about the panel
click here to learn more about the event
or if you just want the info: Thursday, June 4th 7:30-9 PM Patio Culture, Abbott Kinney RSVP here
sponsored by the completely generous, talented and lovely women of :

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the skirted round table - finding an audience, finding a voice

Today on The Skirted Round Table, we're chatting about finding an audience and finding a voice. When you start a blog, are you writing for your friends and family, a full house, crickets in the dark ? Does it matter or do you just blog for blog's sake.
As always, it's a fun filled 15 minutes of strong opinion and bossy banter.

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