Friday, July 29, 2011

peace out

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It's the weekend. A time to just kick it. enjoy.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

suite summer

Just a suite of images that sing to me "Summer".....

 Brigitte, in white, eating yogurt, sitting on a Bertoia chair with the perfect messy up do.
glicee by Joel Penkman avl at etsy
Doesn't this remind you of Kathryn Ireland's fabric line, 'Mexico Meets Morocco'?

KW is a garmento.....

You know that commercial that's out right now where the girl is looking at FB and commenting out loud, "that's not a real puppy" I did that when I read that Kelly Wearstler has a new clothing line.  "She can't design clothes, can she?" Apparently she can. Assuming she's the one actually designing the line...And it's sort of cute. I think. Thoughts?  check it out.....


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the couch clutch

Who needs another bag? Not I. But since when does that stop me from purchasing something of beauty, that I can't see myself without.

Made with 100% vintage leather sofas, no two are ever the same in color and texture. From our friends  at Poketo.


Capturing the nostalgia of an old fashioned, summer picnic with friends. Have you seen Kinship digi Mag? It's beautiful and quiet. Check it out. The creative behind this visual magic is Andrew Gallo + co. of Vsthebrain. You can see more of their work here.

fish monger

 monger [ˈmʌŋgə]
A person promoting something undesirable or discreditable.

We've been eating a lot of fish around here, a huge feat for me because, I have this strong aversion (phobia)  to the creature. I don't want it near me, touching me, much less in my mouth. ( When I'm in the ocean, I  never look down ) If I were on 'Fear Factor' the losing dare, would be getting into a vat of slippery, flipping fish. I'd eat a hissing Madagascar roach before doing that.

But things have turned around due to friends who regularly go out on the sea and catch Sea Bass and Halibut, generously dropping by vacuumed sealed, overage for our freezer. We now do a weekly, Fish Taco Tuesday. And I'm feeling mighty.

That having nothing to do with anything, I stumbled on to artist, Jesse Harris' website with this fantastic,  packaging design and innovative branding of... fish. It's beautiful, simple and graphic. I like how he/she (?) uses a brown butcher paper  and graphics that look stamped (reminds me of that art project using inked fish as a stamp) Way to take something undesirable and brand the hell out of it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tiger In A Jar

song:: "truth: || Balmorhea 

song:: "babe" || Evenings

 Design duo, Julie and Matt of "Tiger in A Jar" studio, create Gorgeous and simple videos making the mundane act of making a salad or a cake look sensuous and dreamy.

Friday, July 22, 2011

peace out


I love Instagram, it's like twitter for those of us who need visual aids. And like they say, a picture says a 1,000 words try that in 140 characters.  So grab the app and start following me and or any of these creative peeps.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

bold color small space

A theory I live by, seen in action. (How could you not trust Scott, with those shoes)

these are good ideas and I'm busy.....enjoy

 I'd say that I'm 'crazy busy' this week, but that phrase makes me cringe. I'm just 'busy' with things that pay the bills. Thus, the mindless post of found items that make me go, 'cool.'

The Poets Chair by NieuweHeren provides the perfect lighting and the perfect storage solution. Plus it looks like a giraffe - sort of.

Tie Knot Water Balloon filler. Easy quick fill and tie so you don't have to waste precious time from lobbing one of these puppies at your favorite target.

I don't know if this is necessary or would make life any easier, but it's a great idea. I'd like one made of chocolate too. Parmesan Cheese Pencil from The Deli Garage

Whatever he's selling I'm buying. May I be this boneless in my repose. The Hans Wegner, Flag Halyard chair.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oh what a clever web we weave....

I'm searching high and low for a piece of cast away furniture that I can use upholstery webbing. In the meant time a bit of my inspiration.....

top two- via brooke gianetti

 great color combo with the touch of green.


I think this would be a completely satisfying summer evening project. Don't you?

beach reading


I have no problem hauling down my glossy beautiful interior books to the beach. There's not a more perfect day at the beach  for me, than sitting under my umbrella, kids laughter, seagulls, waves crashing as my soundtrack and flipping through page after page of inspirational imagery.


I recently brought with me, British designer, Kelly Hoppen's, 'Interiors' book and was really impressed with the photos as well as the written content. This book is especially useful for anyone considering a redesign for their home. Hoppen has gone through all aspects of redesign giving helpful hints and solutions for hip and comfortable interiors.


The underlying message that Hoppen strives to impart is that one should, " Never underestimate the power of balance and harmony because once this is deeply rooted in the very foundations of your mind and your home, anything and everything is possible. "

And my favorite quote, "Organics shake things up simply by being what they are, giving a space integrity and intrigue" Couldn't agree more with this quote. Whether your using a vintage piece or something from nature, the organic component adds room and life to the space.

check out more on Hoppen's book over at the fabulous,  Rizzoli.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

why don't you.....

cross stitch a fancy iphone cover. kit here

dip cheesecake in chocolate, put it on a stick, freeze and serve at your bbq. found here

switch out the laces that the shoe came with something that says, you the man. 
found here

Ombre your nails this weekend.

make a lantern out of cocktail umbrellas. Tutorial here

make your own lavender simple syrup to add to lemonades and other cool refreshing drinks. 
  1. Bring water and lavender to a boil.
  2. Stir in sugar until fully dissolved.
  3. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
  4. Keep in the refrigerator for 3 days, then fine strain the lavender. 
or buy it here from, kate's addiction

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