Thursday, July 31, 2008

surf lodge

i think i may be bi.
bi~ in the bi polar / bi coastal way. when i lived on the east coast, i pined and whined for the west coast, and now with feet firmly planted into the *imported sands of the west coast.... i dream of east coast beaches. mal content? more like a lover of all things sand and surf.
and it's sort of hard not to want to hit the hamptons, surfer style when there's a place like the surf lodge in montauk. the 32-room hotel is located a half-mile from the beach on fort pond in montauk { i love the painted room numbers~ very lifegaurd stand-ish} if sun bleached floors, a chill vintage vibe, surf art, and a 2,500 sq foot indoor~outdoor lounge doesn't make you all dreamy eyed for east coast surf...
catch a cameo by top, schwing, chef~ sam talbot, who has taken the helm as excutive chef of the restaurant.
it's true i'm fickle about my love for both coasts but then..... maybe it's just a phase.
*few know this fun factoid: as with many things "L.A.", some of the beaches of southern california were 'enhanced' with sand from hawaii.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

good touch. bad touch.


the selby in your place

i've been a fan of photographer, todd selby for awhile and was recently alerted to his website~ the selby in your place. it's an incredible site with great photos, shot of creatives in their homes and work spaces.
so hard to choose a favorite. but i do so love creative director, ryan koban's super cool pad.
i think this seals it for me on the charcoal galley kitchen with white cabintery and blue willow china. i need a small room in my house to be just like this and the home of artist, adam wallacavage is just outstanding. baroque meets natural history museum meets hotel new hampshire. go check it out {but come back here}
no, in YOUR PLACE: i emailed todd after learning that he was 'scouting' places to shoot in L.A. and, um, i sort of sent him shots of my place. you know how you do something without much thought and then go, ''GOD, why did i DO that?'
can you imagine? i'm so not of this ilk. not rock n' rolly AT ALL. WAY too safe. but i was sort of all desporado~fan, lurker like hoping he'd go, "hell ya. we'll do some bizarro, suburbia beach thing". he was very kind and generous with his rejection. and now not only do i love his work... i think he's aces as well.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lettuce & loveage

photo via house to home
photo credit ~ robert allen
photo credit~ jo tyler
above 3 photos~polly wreford

Monday, July 28, 2008

dumpstah diving or 'i'm so drunk' and 'do you need a tissue?'

the other day my friend, karen {bonjour brookline} was driving by a pile of refuse in boston's back bay neighborhood, when she spotted these:
gross, right? old pillows? have a closer look {you may have to click on the photo} who does this? what happened, did they break up? i love it. love the unexpected weirdness of it all. read more from bounjour brookline * here*

glo lightly

todd murphy photograph
todd murphy art, metropolitan home march '08

Friday, July 25, 2008

peace out

because it's funny

and in some cases, not too far off the mark.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

dress lamp tree

i think i had a dream about this once. with only 500 printed and 11 left (to date).... this would be beautiful in a young girl's room. *from the design museum shop*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

animals in the house

i've been a long time admirer of photographer, catherine ledner's crazy, beautiful photos of animals against vintage wallpapers. {i love any image that's immediately beautiful in composition, movement and color but then pulls you into the unexpected} ledner recently launched her newest website where you can browse and purchase a print of your own... now these are the kinds of low maintenance pets i love~they just sit there looking beautiful.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fashion meets compassion

whenever i consider being eco friendly in my fashion choices, i quietly think, "i'll just stick to my part by not using plastic bags"
because 'eco friendly fashion'? this scares me. will i be relegated to polar fleece and hemp clothing ? {although i almost had my wedding dress made from bamboo} unbleached cotton? reused tire fragments? i'm just a girl who wants her carbon foot print to be made by something more fashionable than a croc.
and i try to buy vintage, but honestly, the smell is just too much for me. i want to be kind to this old earth, but can't i be cute while doing so?
this is why i'm thrilled that i've found the perfect place for a girl like me...
arboretum {in the cute little wine country town of healdsburg ~northern califronia} so chic, so eco aware and fair labor compassionate. this beautiful space is filled with some of my favorite designers, including, virginia johnson, jutta neumann, cb i hate perfume i had no idea that these designers fell under that umbrella of green goodness.
stopping by over the weekend {while up there for a wedding}, i picked up some delishi-oso finds such as these shoes, by uk based, 'beyond skin'
and this super cute little crocheted number by stewart + brown clothing:
they carry great jewelry too {one of my faves, melissa joy manning is a new designer for them} and it doesn't stop with me, they also have great stuff for the guys. gorgeous shirts, pants and shoes. all with the same responsible practice in mind.
332 headslburg ave.
headlsburg, ca 95448

Monday, July 21, 2008

{illustrator fave} ~ crystal kluge

when your name sounds like that lovely, bubbly liquid, perfect for toasting, you're bound to become the creator of playful, lyrical art work. kluge, is one of my long time, bookmarked, illustrators. when not busy producing work for major advertising clients and national magazines; kluge is a go-to for brides to be as well as new parents.
i love the perfection in her 'imperfect' work using watercolor, pen and ink.
the feel of her work is always joyful. her fonts {which can be purchased and downloaded through a link on her site} are great to have around next time your called upon to create a cute something, something {officially, giving the world no more excuses to use that 'chalkboard' font} more, more, more..... *here*

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