Friday, July 31, 2009

peace out

charity shop, originally uploaded by kaylovesvintage.

it's hot, here on the west coast this weekend....stay cool

Thursday, July 30, 2009

catch me if you can fundraiser- this weekend in LA

What a COOL idea for a fundraiser! Catch Me If You Can is a mystery bike ride benefiting the Pablove foundation, {children's cancer research} Everyone meets on Sunday at Orange 20 Bicycles – 4351 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029, and follows a flat bed truck through the city. So what's the big mystery? The after party and it's where abouts to be announced at the end of the ride. There'll be give aways, raffles and more!
more info here

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jardins en Fleur

Not long ago, I was told about designer Simon Scott's site, Jardins en Fleur. The exact words were, ' Jardin en Fleur? You need to know'. First of all, if you've just jumped over there for a cute is that Banner?? adorable. ok, back to business, If you love a little pagoda in your pieces or a nice bit of 'bamboo' thrown in to the mix, you'll love everything about Jardins en Fleur.
Currently I'm stalking this bed {in that I have it up on my screen at all times, look at it several times a day, stroke the glass of the monitor in which it sits behind....and will be purchasing it very soon}
I was even more excited to see it on my friend Liegh's beautiful and noteworthy blog, Papillion Linens. coincidentally Leigh and Simon are great friends and have used one another's wares to show off their own, at trade shows. wow, I had no idea until I saw Simon's work on Leigh's blog. Double makes me like the bed. So here is a shot of the coveted bed, in a room, donned in sumptuous linens by Papillion.
A marriage made in heaven if you ask me. And now I'm in such a I go with the "Blanc de Chine" Soliel bed or the natural bamboo, color. hmmm.They're both stunning and beachy.
And just to give you an idea of the further greatness that is Jardins en Fleur, check out these pieces...and mind you these are just a few of the many pieces in the collection...
accessories? yes, a lot of beautiful accessories..
I love the color of this garden stool. I don't think I've seen one like this before.
a beautiful collection of lamps
beautiful silk panels, give glamour to any space instantly.
Jardins en Fleur.
'you need to know'

John Robshaw, new for autumn '09

Be still my heart, LOVE John Robshaw textiles. Love the ethnic, organic quality while bringing the beautiful polished sophistication. Every bit of his line is bed heaven.
A seek peak for autumn '09:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things, joins us on The Skirted Round Table

Don't miss this week's installation as the multi talented Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things, speaks to us {in the most lyrical, sparkly accent ever} about her cheerful, modern style that always makes one full of joy. Her love of family and life is the evidence behind her successful blog. Not to be missed.....

the loaded trunk

Thanks to Anne at City Sage I've been introduced to The Loaded Trunk. A one stop shop for ethnic textiles, jewelry, tabletop treasures and more.
Don't forget to, hop on over to City Sage for a chance to win that $50 gift certificate.

kg + ab

Porcelain Mixed Nuts! ...$35.00 Assorted porcelain nuts: walnuts, peanuts, brazil nuts, hazlenuts, almond, and pecans. Basically life size, just slightly smaller Hand made from a vintage mold...
Porcelain bears in love! $75.00 5" high x 4" wide sold as a pair inquire for individual bear Hand made from a vintage mold...
Chihuahua Head for your table top or wall- $40.00 approx. 4.5" high x 5" wide Hand made from a vintage mold...
Porcelain Ice Cream... the ice cream detaches and is a lid...put your stuff in it- $35.00 approx. 5.5" high x 3" wide. Hand made from a vintage mold...
Porcelain Owl under glass dome with wooden base- $70.00 Base is painted black, owl is creamy white. Hand made from a vintage mold...
"kg + ab met in grad school in Ohio and now live in Brooklyn, NY. kg used to design windows for a "major retailer" - she now takes care of their daughter and makes nice things out of clay less often than she'd like. ab makes props and costumes for films and sometimes plays music. Coco is the dog. She has a really good beard."~ etsy

Monday, July 27, 2009

oh my garland

party garland, purl soho
party garland, by purl soho:: how-to ::here::

Pink and Blue Beaches

The color saturated beauty of artist, Isca Greenfield-Sanders.
The 30 year old Artist and Brown graduate, is the daughter of New York photographer, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Greenfield-Sanders uses various forms of mixed media- from oils, watercolors, colored pencil, vintage slides to Mac manipulations, capturing and creating imagery that is at once nostalgic and modern. Their deep juicy colors, warm the cockles of my heart.

the skirted round table-fabrics we love and blogging techy talk

one of my favorite fabric showrooms- raoul textiles
On the newest installment we discuss fabrics we love and technical programs used for blogging.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naked as we came on a hot summer day

I so miss my little mixed tape Mondays. But my close friend Karen, just posted this video and it made me want to share with you all. So in lieu of the mixed tape I give you this lovely little film by Iron and Wine.

Fyndes monthly give away

I love the site Fyndes, it's like stumbling into a hip, warehouse filled with individual boutiques ranging from funky, vintage finds to fabulous fine arts and antiques. Pretty much the gamut. With prices that make shopping attainable at any level.
If you're on their mailing list you get the regular updates, BUT you also get to be part of their monthly give-away. Sort of like the business card in the fish bowl concept. Only, you don't receive a free plate of fajitas if your name is drawn. The first giveaway begins today and is a beautiful, brass-cast seed pod from the renowned, Los Angeles floral designer, Krislyn Komarov. This unique, decorative object is cast from a real seed pod and poured from solid brass. It measures 6.5" long, 4" wide and 3.5" high. The brass pod's retail price is $315. All you have to do is register at and your name will be entered into a drawing. No purchase is necessary. The winner will be selected at random and notified on 15th August 2009.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yard Sale, L.A. designer style

Imagine if you stumbled across one of those 10 family yard sales that didn't include, weird pilly clothes, and faded plastic toy, but maybe gorgeous designer chosen, lamps, art, rugs, side tables etc...
Imagine if you will, that the yard sale location was not at the end of a cul de sac but in the back yard of an adorable Cape Cod style house just a few blocks from Venice beach.
And then let's just further imagine that instead of 10 families, it was a group of designers, all of whom you've read about in shelter magazine, seen their work and drooled over their homes.
Imagine no more, because Saturday August 8th {10-4}, this dream is a reality.
say what??? No, seriously, check this out:
The Designer Tag Sale will be an interior designer yard sale/tag sale hosted by entrepreneur Amy Swift (, which will include ten of Los Angeles’s top designers selling items from their personal inventories including small furniture such as side-tables, lamps, rugs, pillows, art, accessories and more at incredibly low prices! Nothing will be over $200, and prices will run as low as $5.
Are you freaking out a little? Feeling your breathe get a little more shallow? wait, listen who's involved in this little shenanigan.....
The following interior designers are confirmed: Molly Luetkemeyer, Ron Woodson, Jamie Rummerfield, Lindsey Dann Miller, Vanessa De Vargas, Paula Smail, Carla Lane, Jennifer Culp, Michelle Workman, Krista Ewart, Kelly Van Patter, Erica Islas, Janamor Decor and Stephanie Visser. Gift bags will be offered to the first thirty attendees including gift certificates, coupons, and other fun items. Any left-over designer inventory will be donated to a local Los Angeles women’s shetler. Entry fee is $10.
You can bet I'll be there. 5:00 am sharp. Pink foam curlers and slippers.
for more info see the official blog:
designer tag sale

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

chlorinated goodness

photo by peter estersohn for elle decor march 2009
Ed Ruscha
Nine Swimming Pools, 1968-1997 Color coupler print

be still life

rhubarb tea lara ferroni
Isn't summer supposed to be a time to slow down? Sip lemonade while sitting on a front porch. Listen to a baseball game on a tinny transistor over the hum of cicadas while eating blueberry buckle? whatever that is.
blueberry buckle- cook's illustrated
I'm almost there. For those of you not following along on facebook, at the end of May, my husband snapped his Achilles half. I looked at him as we sat at the Orthopedic surgeon's, and just said, 'You're doing too much. This is someone's way of saying, 'S L O W D O W N' Of course, he never took my advice.
charity shop- kay loves vintage
Today, I went out to my car to find a nice fat bolt, complete with washer, jammed into my rear tire. As I sat there looking , feeling a bit deflated myself, I realized that this too was someone's way of saying, ' S L O W D O W N'
martha stewart living 6/09- photo, peter murdock
and so with only mere weeks left of this summer of '09. I have officially arrived, in summer time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

be right back!

I think I'm going to take a few days off this week*. My business partner and I are shutting the doors on our staging business { sadly for me, she and her family are moving up to the bay area } so we need to wrap a few things up. If you're in the L.A. area, we do have some great stock to sell - email me and I'll let you know what we have available.

*I've never been a good napper, so we'll see how this works.

see you back here in a few days!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

weekend retreats

photo credit john konkal
Last Thursday night I attended a great summer evening event at the beautiful floral shop, 'Floral Art' in Venice Beach. The event was in honor of Susanna Salk's new book, "Weekend Retreats". To see more photos from the night, come on over to balustrade & bitters and check them out *here* and while you're there, check out the fantastic interview with Peter Dunham.

Friday, July 17, 2009

peace out

Barcelona, originally uploaded by Robert Loeber | Photostream.

now go on, get outta here...go ride a bike.

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