Friday, May 30, 2008

peace out

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kid soup

the dutch tub. an ingenious tub that warms water through a coil system that's heated by a wood burner. sort of an eco friendly, jacuzzi that looks cool too. and it's light weight so it makes for great portability. still.....there's something a bit sinster, hansel and gretel-ish about this. but then it also makes me smile sentimentally about that time, beave and whitey.... (these people have grown so attached to their new tub that they wanted to give it the life only a little dutch tub could dream of. a canoe trip, with mom and dad pointing out the wildlife)

baring my sole(s)

the closet: the innards: oh...and here's the other side (picture cheesy sliding mirrored doors) this is the current state of my closet floor. and do you know what? sometimes i straighten it up and at others....i just leave it. because, really i don't care that much.
i know, this is a bit like seeing someone you hardly know in their underpants. it's unnerving.
in the next few weeks, i'm going to be giving you an inside look of closets belonging to bloggers and friends. because no matter how you spin your art directed life, there's always a loose cog in the wheel.

probably not my cupcakes

thank god for disgruntled cubical serfs and frustrated stay at home moms with a penchant for baking. without folks like these, we wouldn't have the burgeoning, gourmet cupcake business that provides us with flavors like, fennel and grand marnier over mocha lovers dream ( i just made that up)
and my favorite part of it all is that it's brought a great slew of graphics and logos. this shirt from aussiecupcaker, sugardeaux, around $33.00 us dollars.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

ya's a sticky situation

eco friendly flatware a fork/knife/spoon set which cleverly attaches to any branch, creating the desired utensil. great for eating mud pies with.
by Anafim

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

light emitting wallpaper

light emitting wallpaper by jonas samson makes a two dimensional flat wall surface as light source. when the wallpaper is turned 'off' it appears to be just wallpaper (not a distinguishable source of light)
"The wallpaper's patterns consist of embedded lights, and the transition effects are achieved through controlling individual pixels (LEDs). One can turn off the lighting, making the wallpaper a standard wall ornament, or have it turned on and enjoy the transition of multiple patterns"

pop mat

found over at oh!joy (one of the most beautiful and beguiling design blogs) and then swiftly, carried off by me the PopMat. these are nothing short of seriously 'cute'. placemats with a cut out that, poppped up, become an instant place card. so cool.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ebay ~ find, loss and win

last week, i hopped over to ebay as i am want to do from time to time.
....and forgot to BID!!! i slimply forgot to click on that final, 'confirm bid' link. i got distracted or something. $20.00 + shipping. seriously? $20.00 dollars for the pair? and i forgot to place my bid? i could cry.
LOST: pair of vintage, blanc de chine pagoda lamps. i sort of knew when i put my highest bid at $157.97 ...that i might not be the proud owners of these tony duquette-esque beauties. i just flat out lost. they ended up going for a bit over $300.00 dollars.
at last, a taste of victory.....
i finally 'won' a pair of boots that i've been coveting since seeing them on a hip little shop girl up in hollywood. vintage etienne aigner 'riding' boots. lil' bit excited 'bout this ebay nugget.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

peace out

walnut wallpaper

the day's not too shabby when you get to spend some time perusing the myriad wallpapers at walnut wallpaper.
i'm nuts for wallpaper and would swathe my walls in a new paper every month if i could.
while walnut carries classic lines like osborne & little, schumacher, cole & son it's the go to joint for all papers modern as well.
hipster lines neisha crosland and flavor are staples but they're also great at keeping it fresh by bringing in newer lines such as sum design, palace papers and my new favorite, jocelyn warner.......
oh, and don't stop at your walls, carry the party onto your windows or upholstered pieces. walnut carries a great selection of fabrics too.
as these unwitting shoppers will attest, when in l.a. make a point to stop in. the beauty of walnut is that for all of you who can't slide under the velvet rope of 'to the trade', walnut is 'to the public' score 1 for the civilians!
(ever the eavesdropper, this is what the woman on the left was saying when i snuck this shot: "you know, it's totally stupid to just assume, based on the way they dress? that someone doesn't have the money to do their home. i mean, it's L.A.....people spend a lot of money to look homeless" )
walnut wallpaper
7424 beverly blvd
los angeles, ca 90036

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

lavender lamp love

if i were a little moth, these would be my flame. beautiful and serene. from epoca in san francisco. all around 4k each

fabulous find

what a great idea. miss natalie's growth chart. $40.00 **here** found, via one of my new fave blogs petit elfant

Monday, May 19, 2008

doll house chair to room

last summer, my children unearthed a box of my old doll house furniture. all of it has quickly found a home in the calico critter community residing in their rooms. the other morning, i stepped on something sharp and found this little chair embedded into my heel. my head immediately went to work creating a room around it. object: vintage doll house chair.
1. turquoise art deco saluki statuette 2. doll house furniture 3. italian table lamp 4. faux leopard game table 5. pagoda lantern 6. greek key table

good touch, bad touch

an unusual pair of.......table lamps. from the 1920s. yes, they're real.
good touch? bad touch?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

peace out

mobile swap, originally uploaded by sparklecandace.

Friday, May 16, 2008

the ruffle (swag) bag

when i first saw these bags, while flipping through a magazine (i think it was blueprint actually. remember them?) i couldn't figure out if they were a great little summer dress, a petticoat, or what... exactly. and of course, blueprint had all of that crazy-ass font stuff going on, so i couldn't read the description without feeling car sick. no matter. i loved them. dog-eared the page. so feminine and witty. so many uses..... a flouncy, summery beach bag. when funds are scarce, cut some leg holes and step in to it handles become straps, voila! bag lady dress. or, as i picture it, hanging on a a crystal doorknob, in a very girly dressing room. the perfect laundry bag.
(and here's your bro deal: the beautiful interior shop 'rianrae' is offering this as a a freebie when you purchase $200.00 or more from her. the offer lasts through 5/21, so pick up something from her fabulous shop and get your swag bag...asap)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my oldest and dearest: featured on sfgirlbybay

if you haven't made the daily stop to sfgirlbybay, please do so right now. my oldest and dearest friend (who's more like family) analisa payne is featured as the 'unexpected guest' today.
analisa and i have known each other for *gulp* 32 years. with each and every place she's lived, her design sense has always inspired. (i usually spend the first 10 minutes in her home, examining everything that she's done) she's a master at vignettes, color and clean simplicity with a charming twist. analisa's just purchased her first house and i think it may be her best work yet.....

patio culture

last winter, my friends, greg and jen, offered me a vintage, iron patio dining set. i enthusiastically accepted it with the promise that i would give it a fresh coat of paint, some lovely fabric for the chair cushions.....and we would spend many a warm evening around it with good food, friends and wine. and so today, i made a little trip to one of my favorite exterior design shops to pick up some fabric. patio culture. not that i really need a reason to visit karla stevens' beautiful shop on abbot kinney. walking in there gives me the total 'i'm on vacation vibe'. it truly is an oasis of loveliness. from the moment you step up, on to the wide, front steps, and in through the french doors, *breathe* you are instantly transported, immediately taken to...where? the bahamas? florida? italy? a little beach bungalow that has been given a wash of white and then loaded up with the most charming furniture (some vintage, some new) and top of the line, beautiful outdoor fabrics. the back of the shop houses the fabric library. sit at the apple green painted pic-nic table and peruse the vast array of prints. i dare you to try and make a final choice. it's torture. you know a space is working for you when you instantly become inspired (driving home i decided that i want to totally white out my own house. floors, walls...the whole thing. this probably won't happen any time soon. but it's that kind of a shop) scattered throughout the shop is art by area artists. like these beautiful tiles by venice artist, Steve Fleitzseen here coasters by one of my favorites, 'bueller designs' : gorgeous light fixtures by moth design: these lanterns are the best. i may need a few for my new dining well as fun little things to complete your own little patio culture. *don't miss karla and her shop, in this month's coastal living magazine.

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