Monday, November 30, 2009

b4 it was cool

Gadi Gilan Presented by ACL x Cole, Rood & Haan Co. from Michael Williams on Vimeo.

Generally, I cringe when I hear people talk about living in a certain part of L.A. , S.F. {insert city here} 'before it was cool'. {pretentious much?} But, all is forgiven here, at Gadi Gilan's vintage American industrial lighting shop, 'B4 it was cool' on Houston street in NYC. His stock had me viewing this video over and over, pausing often, to soak in the fantastic-ness of it all. He has some great vintage stools, chairs and educational models as well.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


don your elastic waist bands,
dig in
have a peaceful day of gratitude.
i'm thankful for
of you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

visually delicious

One of each please......
I'm too cheap to pay the monthly membership fee over on Taigan's online shopping site, but it's a great looking site, filled with great window shopping from some of the finest boutiques around.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

alessandra branca interview on the skirted round table

If you think interior designers are gray hairs in self tie foulard blouses and pant suits, wafting l'air du temp, as they toddle past you, suggesting untouchable rooms, you haven't tuned in to The Skirted Round Table.
When we started this podcast, we thought wouldn't it be great if we could get some of our favorite designers to come on? And like with anything in life, you just have to ask. To our amazement and excitement, we've been filling up a roster of true design greats, creative individuals who not only inspire us but seem to celebrate life and manifest it all through creating beautiful interiors with soul. No, narely a bossy old lady in bad clothes, in the group, just talented and humble, men and woman that you want to sit with for hours in hopes that some of it will rub off on you.
This week is no different. We have yet another one of the major talents of our time, Alessandra Branca.
Roman born, she has the knowledge and genetic aesthetic that becomes clear as she discusses beautiful spaces that are meant to enhance a family's life, to be lived in. Her approach to design is full of life, color, texture and strength and the outcome is reflective of this. Enough of my going on and on..... listen for yourself.
And then go buy her beautiful new book not only because it's a treasure trove packed with glorious images and informative writing, but because ALL of the proceeds go to Inner City children's programs around the country. That's right %100 of the sales from the book go to helping children. Buy the book here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

vevet & linen's Brickmaker's table give away - cast your vote!

For the past couple of weeks or so, designer/blogger, Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen, has been holding a contest in which 3 Brickmaker's tables {generously donated by Bobo Intriguing Objects } will be given to as many, fortunate winners.
The contest developed from a post she did regarding the use of catalog pieces in your home and posing the question,"Can you create your own design style even if you buy some pieces from a catalogue?".
The response was huge. With 170 entries, Brooke called upon some of us, fellow design bloggers, to weigh in and give our vote.
Not easy. With such a wide variety of entries, the competition was stiff.
above:: 3 of the 10 finalists chosen
So, photo after photo, my top 5 kept changing. But finally I settled on five. After all of the submissions, Brooke created the list of the Top 10 choices.
She has now opened the voting up to readers. You can enter your top 3 picks until November 29th. To see more of the final picks and cast your vote go here. Good Luck to those of you who entered!

it was colonol mustard and professor plum

.....or maybe it was the framed fabric from Donghia, that started the color trend in Emily Walker's 900 sq ft living space.
No matter, this is a great example of how using a consistent palette can bring continuity to a small space.
Using one wall as an accent as well as a great transitional color into the dining room helps create the flow. I love this dining table paired with the painted gray shield back chairs. Painting the chairs this flat gray, and adding the simple pop of color suddenly transforms them into modern art. table: La Merceria wall color: similar to Benjamin Moore's 'Nightfall-CC-38'
The bedroom is a great example of using color and oversized graphic design to create personality and bluff character in a room. Throughout the space, there are both high-end details {such as the Madeline Weinrib carpet } mixed with dumpster dive or Ikea scores, painted yellow or white. Coverlet, sheets, House & Home; throw, Lucca; side tables, drapes, Ikea; lampshades, Eye Spy; bowl, Waterford Wedgwood; carpet, Madeline Weinrib; pillow, The Cross; wall colour, Iron Mountain (2134-30), Benjamin Moore.
The stripe wallpaper creates a column-like element drawing the eye up and over, the wall/ceiling deliniation creating a sense of space in this narrow room. I find it interesting that the art is kept low and propped rather than hung on the yellow anchor piece in the room. Love the lampshade ceiling fixture. Wallpaper, Farrow & Ball; sofa, Bliss Interior Design; art, desk chair, Hollace Cluny; light fixture, Ikea.
great t.v. and open shelving in the galley kitchen. Countertop, Sticks & Stones; white dishes, House & Home; black china, Wedgwood; vase, bird, Quasi Modo; art, Canvas Gallery; TV, Festoon; rug, Madeline Weinrib.
The charming wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop for the Telegramme prints. A tiny powder room is the best place to go all out and add major personality.
Wallpaper, Telio; toiletries, Teatro Verde; art, Telegramme Prints; sconce, Alico; mirror (painted), Ikea; vase, Bungalow.
Photography: Donna Griffith
Room design: Stacey Smithers From Candian House and Home

Friday, November 20, 2009

peace out

figsonplate, originally uploaded by danske.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

::commune design::

a bit of textile love before I peace out on you for the weekend....wouldn't these be lovely on an old farm table set for a late afternoon, fall lunch.....
and then maybe spread some of these out on the ground for a little bit of a nappage under a big tree- dappled light and heavy lids.
commune design has some uniquely, commune-like wares for sale over on their recently updated site. Definitely worth a stop by.

weck glass containers

Can you tell what's on my mind this week? I'm gearing up to create hostess gifts as the Holiday invites start rolling in and the calendar begins to fill.
I'm not about to pretend that, this holiday season, I'm going to create something that involves boiling and pectin. But I think these would be great containers to can all kinds of 'dry' gift items. Anyone would love to receive, cookies, homemade hot chocolate mix, spice rubs or even homemade bath salts. They have that great, simple, utilitarian vibe that makes them 'classic'.
Or grab several yourself and replace all of those plastic, mismatched pieces you have on your shelves. Weck canning containers via Heath Ceramics.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pom pilot

Pom-poms are a great little embellishment to add to any package this time of year. I love the new candle line at Anthro. with a plush little trio of pom-poms topping off the lid. You could buy these at any fabric store {Hart's fabric has a nice selection}, cutting them off of the gimp and gluing them in groups on top of packages, wrapped with some of the great papers available at Paper Source . Easy and elegant.
or for a less formal, you can make it yourself, using a bit of yarn. The yarn gives it a bit more of a retro DIY look, but still cute.
ready to get started? here's a great little pilot on how-to :: domestifluff

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fashion's one big mobius strip-mall .

Well first of all, it was only recently that my friends and I were laughing and laughing hard, about being in our 20s and running around the Lower Haight wearing our uniform: cutoffs, black tights and 'shoots' i.e. shoe boots. "oh my god, can you believe we wore that???" It, literally brought us to tears we thought it so ridiculous.
And now look what went and happened. The 'shoots' are back. Only now they're more like shooties . and we're wearing them with skirts. And I love them again.
J.crew has these {yes, even the conservatively creative J.crew has chimed in on this look- I suspect most of their customers will be wearing them with a 'sensible slack', though } at about $265.00.
But honestly, it's a trend, so when you can find the same look {and I like the suede against an opaque tight better} for $25.00.....why not just scoop one up in every color and go for it.
and yes, someday we'll be laughing again hard. but in the mean time, it's a great updated look if you can work it.

spotted in milan....

Because I can never pass up a good photo of a woman of 'age' who's still rocking her personal style {seen here and here}. look and learn my friends. look and learn.
found on a new favorite, fashion-on-the-street blog: 'all the pretty birds'

Monday, November 16, 2009

glowing review

Why didn't someone think of these ideas sooner?? Hable Construction's Glow in the dark bedding? come on, it's brilliant.
Joon & Jung's Bedskirt that, by day, looks ordinary while doing its job, catching dust bunnies and hiding boxes of out of season clothing or that errant shoe....
turns into a little, city sky line by night. Fabulously creative.
......................I could glow on, and on.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

peace out

blue & brown
, originally uploaded by Diana Martins.

coat du jour

The double breasted wool olga coat by red doll on etsy. Great for twirling.

I dare you

Would you could you? "Not I" said the fly. I would rather sit on the wall and watch something like this go down.
I showed this series of spontaneous musicals to my girls yesterday and they begged me to help them do this. begged. me. Me of the, very self conscience when it comes to singing, to spontaneously, stand up in a crowded space and belt out a show tune about, lunch, napkins, fruit, whatever suits. They swore to me that they'd joined in. Knowing them, they'd chicken out and I'd be rushed off to the nearest hospital for observation.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Met Home:: from apartment dwelling beginnings to modern luxury living, ends

I'm sure at this point, we're all aware of the sad news that yet another shelter publication has called it quits. Metropolitan Home the harbinger of great modern luxury design announced it's closure on Monday.
What's a girl to do. There just aren't that many great magazines left for those of us with a ridiculous 10+ magazine a month habit. One of my favorite features of Met Home was the HIGH/LOW room.
This presented the readers with a room done using a large budget, then duplicated using less expensive products- a smaller budget. Sometimes it was just a stylish piece of furniture or a great product, priced from the high to the low, flirting with us to spot the 'steal'. I believe this was one of the reasons for Met Home's success, it offered something for all of us. The rooms seemed achievable.
Did you know that Met Home actually evolved from a, one issue, big page magazine called 'Apartment Ideas'?
The issue was a special feature created by Better Homes and Gardens. So successful, was A.I., that over the next 10 years {'69- '79} it was renamed 'Apartment Life' and garnered huge growth in readership and advertisers.
The magazine focused on, of course, apartment living and DIY. Really sort of the Domino of its time. For once I can actually say I was too young to remember this, but I know I would have saved every copy. I found some copies for sale on ebay with a few shots of the magazine's innards
{unfortunately you're forced to look at some ebay sellers, rumpled faded sheets while you're at it- gross. have some people no shame? }
To hear more about this facinating evolution listen in this week as we discuss it on The Skirted Round Table. There's a great background interview with magazine veteran Tom Troland over at Ready Made on A.L.
The high/low feature can still be found at

Monday, November 9, 2009

it's almost thanksgiving ~ are your holiday cards ready?

This is the time of year when I should be making arrangements to get my holiday cards in order. I have not. And probably won't get on it until the 11th hour. In the past, I've sent out 'Valentine Cards'. Mostly because I like to make my own cards. But also, I've actually convinced myself that people really appreciate them more, as it's been a month or so since they've received a festive photo of smiling kids to add to the bowl.
This year, I'm determined to get my act together and send my holiday cards out, oh, in the month of December.
In an effort to get things rolling, I may surpass the hand made route and go directly to stationers,
Petite Alma who have some great cards this year, simple with fresh art and reasonably priced- a no brainer, making it the perfect system for me.

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