Tuesday, August 31, 2010

summer vacation slide show

My memories of summer car trips are of my dad driving the red, Buick station wagon; my mom riding shot-gun, three older sisters occupying the middle seat and my brother and I, freely lounging in the way back on sleeping bags and pillows, playing Mad-Libs. No restraints, no seat belts just hanging out, thinking up gross adjectives and nouns while biding the time as we drove out West.
About a week and a half ago, It was I who rode shot gun as the kids, tethered and strapped in place, scribbled out words like, 'stinky', 'gooey' and 'slimy' as we made our way East, stopping at the Grand Canyon (which we couldn't find for a good hour - how does one miss the Grand Canyon?) moving on North, through Utah, and then ending up in the badlands of Wyoming. For several days we rode helicopters, horses, white waters, saw bison and bear and generally found our inner cowboy. Then, on Thursday we made our way back: Utah to Nevada to California again. jiggity jig.
And of course, what summer vacation memory is worth anything without the slide show with dust motes floating through the streaming light, the burny sweet smell of the hot carousel. I think I usually fell asleep. I'm not saying this show will be anymore exciting than those of my past. But if you're interested in what I did on my summer vacation, here ya go......
oh, and I have no idea how to get that embarrassing ad off of the window. If any of you geniuses out there can help, let me know.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


There's something, inherently bad-ass about a man of the sea (and yes, because I'm still 12, I can't bring myself to write that the other way around ). The image of a burly sailor, throwing a fishing net over the side of a ship in a winter storm. Huge, black waves crashing up and over the side - Pea Coats + watch caps + scruffy unshaven beards. All of it = manly man hotness.
Very, Jane hotel - back in the day.
The line CXXVI Clothing seems influenced by this very lifestyle, while adding a touch of artistry - making it one of my favorite guy shopping stops these days.
Actually I'd wear or carry any of this.
Each piece is hand silk screened, dyed and numbered. And very reasonably priced.

Monday, August 23, 2010

winner, winner, and a little down tempo mixed music monday

photo:: robert reader
First up are the *WINNERS* of the beachy, Seaton giveaway! This time, as they were brushing their teeth, I had my girls each pick a number. I figured, that's as random as any other method. They had no clue what the point of it was and wanted to see the 'drawing' when I was done with it.....clueless. So HERE'S who they, inadvertently, chose!!>>
Anne of Annechovie
Cristin of Simplified Bee
both happen to be fabulous bloggers that I admire. congrats my blog friends. And please stay tuned, I've got more fun giveaways lined up.
next up....Mixed Music Monday (the last two are pretty down tempo and may, in fact, make you want to lay your cheek on the cool desk and doze ):
  1. Dr.Dog | Shadow People
  2. The Blow | True Affections
  3. Haruka Nakamura + Akira Kosemura | Nord
  4. Land of Leland | Macedonia
    ok, now wake up and be productive or something.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Week On The Skirted Round Table:: It's Us.

This week Linda, Joni and I discuss the 'musical chairs' that has been going on in the publishing world as of late. Join us as we get on a rant about Architectural Digest in particular. I, personally, can't wait to see the magic that Margaret Russell will do with this tired rag of a shelter mag. Because if anyone is up for the job, it is she.
Actually, I can't wait to see how each of these incredible talents will add their own touch to their new appointments. Who do you think should fill the Editor In Chief position at Elle Decor? join us as we discuss, on The Skirted Round Table
And if you haven't entered the beachiest giveaway yet {seahorse beach towels + paisley beach hats} I'll be closing entries tonight. Also, today is the last day to use that discount over at Seaton- Beachbungalow20 gets you a nice little, 20% slice off of your purchase. more info here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

white girl

In the past few weeks I've managed to take my richly colored home and turn it into a light, white, soothing, box of tranquility. Gone are the Taper Green walls and in their place Paladium Blue. It was time to lighten things up around here.
Gone are the dark, Clarence House, Greek Key inspired drapes and in their place, that fabric everyone went out and bought from Calico Corners {more on that later}
But the biggest change was what I spent last week doing, PAINTING THOSE FLOORS WHITE. actually it's a very pale gray, 'Vapor Trails' (this sample is completely inaccurate)
yes, you of uncouth manner. You who has told me in more ways than one, how boring you find me ..... you should probably get off the train now. Because I'm about to write an entire post on one of the things for which you find me to be the most boring. For the rest of you, who have been dropping me little messages of inquiry and urging via email, twitter and facebook- here we go......
I really didn't know what product to use. Oil? More deck paint? Somebody sent me a paint name that she had found in a magazine. But being in L.A. or rather, California, I was unable to buy it, as it was oil based and restrictions and blah, blah.
So then, I was looking at my blogger friend, Camila's site and noticed she was planning on painting her floors~ ah! pick the brain of another blogger. The best way I know, to get good DIY info. Camila, told me about 'Break Through' paint.
Immediately called the paint store up the hill and they were able to get it in for me on Wednesday.
This was such an easy project and the total cost for 2 gallons + some rollers, was around $100.00. I did it solo- Nick doesn't have much interest in these projects, and honestly, I sort of get yelly- so it took about 2 and half days to do three rooms and one long hallway.
The paint I have down on the floor, is a deck paint that I bought at Sherwin Williams about 6 years ago. I didn't sand it and I think because of the wear and tear, the new paint adhered pretty well. There were a few areas, where the sheen was still on, and I noticed a bit of bubbling. not so good. So if you have any sheen to your floor, I'd suggest sanding it lightly. Also, I cut around the edges by hand first and then began to roll. No taping. easy peasy. I started in the kitchen, since I figured, that we would need that space back in working order the soonest. Actually Nick did help me haul the table out. and the fridge which, if you haven't cleaned under your fridge in 3 years, you should probably stop reading this and go right now, roll it out and check out your new collection of: dried cheese pieces (or plastic not sure which) baby barrettes, photographs, wads of dog hair from a dog no longer living, a syringe with needle attached (from fore mentioned dog's insulin) a ring from the dentist, magnets...it's like being on a dig.
all of the furniture pushed toward the middle of the room.
back to the painting. I probably did it the hardest way possible, because this is how I do everything. And because I did it solo. I moved what I could as far to one side of the room as I could and painted.
kinda felt like a hoarder.
This stuff dries so quickly, that after about an hour you can put down another coat and within 2 hours, move everything back on to that area. And so it went, moving everything back and forth and painting. I ended up leaving the last for the next day....
smart: paint with white paint while wearing black. also smart: put self tanner on and then climb into your bed with white sheets.
The end result? I love it.
Now back to that curtain fabric.
I hate it, and it's being taken down as soon as possible. It's sort like a Jenga game, paint the walls and the floor, and now I want a new rug, new pillows , new curtains.........

Monday, August 16, 2010

yakuza lou chandelier::: eddie sykes

The mechanically, articulated chandelier by artist, Eddie Sykes is a cross between the 'cootie catchers' of gradeschool and modern-victorian, moving orgami, sculpture.
Ya, it's that complicated in its art form but simple in its concept: a controlled and beautiful source of lighting. Each limited edition piece, takes up to 4 months to craft. there's a great video here if you'd like to see more on that.

"When the chandelier is closed, the lights are off and hidden. When the chandelier is turned on, the source lights 'unfold' and begin to increase illumination in sync with the expansion of the piece. A special dimmer control increases lighting wattage so the level of light is related to the size and position of the chandelier itself." Translation:: you can program this incredible work of art to start shape shifting and light adjusting in a matter of seconds or with the setting of the sun. pretty cool. wonder if he knows Tord Boontje

Friday, August 13, 2010

* p e a c e * o u t *

photo by robert reader:: prints available here
Don't forget about the Seaton Beach giveaway+ discount that started yesterday. There will be two winners this time, so make sure to enter.
And I'm so proud of my friends at Poketo for their new collaboration launch with Target. I you're in NYC or LA this weekend, be sure to stop by Target for the Poketo Ice Cream social. Ice Cream Trucks will be providing great photo opps and lots of ice cream. in celebration.
1-3:30 pm
corner of La Brea + SMBlvd.
12-2pmthe Target
at Atlantic Sta. UNIQUE O.C. is this weekend too. Don't miss the outdoor event with indie designers, great foods, free drinks+beer, photo booth pictures, and diy workshops.
Admission- $5
11-6 PM
location here
And in other news, I painted my floors these last few days. ya. Finally. If you care to hear any more about it or check out my pics. I'll be posting photos and tips next week.
that's it! now go have a weekend...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

my beachiest give away yet ~ from Seaton!!

This summer, it seemeth my give-away cup runneth over. Feels like every time I open my mail, I receive another great offer to share with those you who stop by here so diligently.
But I gotta say, knowing what I like, I'm highly selective - if I wouldn't wear it, own it, or want it generally sitting around my space, I'm not going to promote it.
Which brings me to a beachy and hip, Southern California, favorite, Seaton. Some of my very favorite board shorts, hoodies and throw-on-to-go dresses are by Seaton. The look is the perfect balance of beach girl / meets city girl.
Many of you know, founder Jill Roberts Freeman - a staple of the Los Angeles retail fashion world for years. Roberts- Freeman and partner Sara Emanuel have created Seaton; a beach driven, classic, luxury line made up of the perfect staples. Pieces that transport you to a vacation state of mind, no matter where you are {in fact, my bridesmaids wore Seaton's beautiful ivory, cashmere tanks in my mexican beach wedding. They were confections of perfection. }
So what's the beach bungalow 8 dealio? it's easy.
If you want a chance to win this super cute, seahorse towel+hat combo {of which I have two sets to give away} >>
simply comment with a link to your email.
If you'd like to tweet this post, I will gladly add your name twice to the entries.
And if you just can't wait to see if you've won, here's your 20% discount code: Bungalow20 {to be entered at check out} all offers end, Thursday, August 19, 2010 at midnight.
**yes, this is where I get all yelly and tell you that if you can't play nice and be happy because you're getting something for free, you probably shouldn't play. The lovely ladies at Seaton will be sending out the winners' booty, in the most timely manner that they are able. Other than that, enjoy the loot. This is a good one.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

G&G and Young Southern Style

If you haven't received the latest issue of Garden & Gun....it's a great one. The cover features designer/blogger, Rachel Halvorson {who's 26, really talented and...stunning. god is good people}
Among the handful of young, shiny new faces of Southern style is artist Shelley Hesse, who creates these beautiful ocean animal themed watercolors :
Hesse, partnered with anthro to create a Spiny Lobster rug based on this painting-found hereMake sure to have a look at the other featured creatives. It's a great round-up.
And if you're new to G&G don't let the name scare you. It's a beautiful magazine, celebrating the Southern life style. It's full of great photography, well written articles, some very 'Southern' food|drink recipe and always a good dog article thrown in .
**Update:: embarrassed to say, that I didn't realize my blogger friend, Stylecourt is a contributor to this feature. Courtney is responsible for introducing us to New Orleans designer and artist, Melissa Rufty and Shelley Hesse. Thanks Courtney, you always have treasured finds.


Generally, I don't do the circus. "Geek Love" didn't really help matters very much. I'm not good with loud noises. I feel sorry for the animals and nobody likes a clown.
But I do sort of like the vintage imagery that goes along with the concept of the 'big tent'....
reds and whites
stripes are always crisp and add a bit o' the whimsy I want this little ring to open, exposing a tiny little gold circus ring...
carousel necklace here| circus print ish & chi circus wallpaper catherine martin| circus ring here

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