Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Out Loud wants YOU

I've received many emails over the past year asking how one could be a part of the Blog Out Loud S.W.A.G. bags {if you haven't heard, they kick some serious ass} .
Do you have a great, hand-made product that you'd like to promote? A little nibble of your creative genius you like to share? Our audiences are rich with various creatives, bloggers, writers and folks just like you. This is an excellent opportunity to get your beautiful work into the hands of the folks who matter and will make a difference.
If you're interested, drop me a line and I'll fill you in. And mark your calendars for March 4th, San Francisco. More info to come.....

the bookbook, protects you from that which blows

Your Macbook can take some serious blows. A slip off the table at the Java Hut, an errant trip over a cord, sending yourself and your precious lap top reeling. Death to the Macbook can come swiftly and without warning.
Twelve south {the genies behind this design} claim the glories of their product are three: to protect from the blows of life, to disguise from computer thieves by turning your precious lap top into what appears to be an antique, leather bound book and finally raising your rad factor, 10 fold by making your lap top look like nobody else's.
That's right, no two are a like. And all for around $80.00
like it? go here
via josh spear

stylin' with elodie rambaud

Come rest your weary eyes, It's been a long week. Or maybe you're like me, and just want a purpose to your procrastination. Whichever, here ya go - some hot, french, interior porn, from French stylist Elodie Rambaud's website.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amaison Gourmet shop

If you've ever experienced Amsterdam, you know these people have the design thing down. long time. Amaison gourmet food shop's concept was based on the idea of being your grandmother's kitchen, trying things as she cooks it and taking it home.
The Design group concrete used a 'house shaped building' block as the core design element to every aspect of the design in the space.
I'm hungry.
design:: concrete

quiet sky

Japanese artist, Misa Tanaka creates these vessels by fusing porcelain and glass, aptly entitled: Shizukana Sora:: Quiet Sky.

::chelsea cardinal::

Great pen and ink, watercolor illustrations by Brooklyn artist, Chelsea Cardinal.
Cardinal, an illustrator by study, works as a designer for GQ magazine, creating beautiful art at night. I'm really inspired these days by the laying down of an image via ink combined with the looseness of watercolor.
I think those of us who are 'illustrators' can, pretty easily create art that looks like the subject. That's just what we do. But the real talent comes in with "what you do with it"; how you make it come alive with personality. It may be through the line weight {am I getting too technical?} or even the humor of the line laid down {too esoteric?}
My own work has always been so tight and when I've tried to be less so, I'm never happy with my results {perfectionist in me}
An approach like this combines both the exactness that I like but with an unpredictability {the hand lettering aspect is fantastic as well}
her paintings are pretty great too:
She sells prints.917-804-7992
along the same line:
sujean rim

Monday, January 25, 2010

more things to do on a rainy day....

Stumbled across this great, DIY blog tonight. The girl is fearless with her cheap, diy projects. And when I say cheap, I mean, she didn't want to foot the bill for an electric saw to build a pelmet box, so she used FOAM CORE. Foam core and DUCK TAPE. And it turned out amazingly, well:
Oh, and here was the thing that piqued my interest initially,
A small Bombay chest from Homegoods, that she silver leafed. Really easy project. Don't go over to this blog until you have some time. And when you do, search her DIY section. You'll be headed over to craig's list and your local craft store, faster than you can say 'Eddie Ross'
oh, and if you're in that DIY kind of mood and somehow missed Jennifer Boles' {Peak of Chic} bathroom re-do. Go check it out. You'll be warming up your glue gun with a whole new gusto.
and to add to the list, another elegant and spine tingiling DIY project by Patricia {Mrs. Blandings} here

color bath

Last week we sat inside and watched as the rain came down in torrents.... five days in a row. The sky was dark, there was thunder {unheard of}, power outages, threats of tornadoes {at the beach...think on that for a moment} high winds tossed bougainvillea up and through the, stuck-open, sky light pasting my floor with wet pink papery petals.
I realize that most of you are in the dead center of 'winter'. And that this is the part when it becomes mind numbingly bleak and begins making even tempered people grouchy and unreasonable. And that my winter, with all of its greenery and blooming flowers and sub par rain fall averages, is almost an obnoxious mockery.
I ran across photographer, Debi Treloar's work over the weekend and thought, with all of its bright warm energy, that these would make for a great little 'welcome to your week' posting.
Here's to being hopeful that spring is 'round the bend.
and if you're needing more, warm-the-cockels-of-your-winter-bound-heart visuals check out: absolutely beautiful things. Anna's posts always make me happy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

peace out

greens, originally uploaded by _chiaroscuro_.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

loving. living. small. give away

Are you a small space dweller and loving it? Run over to my friend and Blog Out Loud co-founder's blog, - the blog that's all about small space dwelling with big design- and tell her about one of your favorite tips for living small. If you win you'll receive the, not yet released, DKNY fragrances; Delicious Candy Apple. Not just one, but the trio of scents.
A suite of sweets for your little

fold school

patience and a lot of time on one's hand. Paper art has been around for over a thousand years, finding its roots in Japan, but rarely getting the mention that it deserves. Folded, cut, pasted, prodded, carved or quilled....these are all, so, completely off the hook....
Bovey Lee, Jolis Paon,Brian Dettmer,Richard Sweeney,Bert Simons, Su Blackwell, Yulia Brodskaya

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bloomingdale's big window challenge...

photo credit:: eddie ross
It's up and running and ready for the voting to begin. Vote once, vote twice, for your favorite window vignette. Using a selection of Bloomingdales furniture line, each designer was challenged to come up with a window of their own creative invention.
Is it Maxwell from AT's "The Writer's Romantic Supper" room?
Eileen Joyce from Bloomingdales' "A sophisticated travel magazine editor" room?
or perhaps Eddie Ross for Elle Decor's "The Modern Woman" room { my personal favorite - but you're on your own. I love splatter paint as a design element}
For those of you not able to stroll by the flagship store, hop over to Apartment Therapy log-in and vote.
Or text message your vote {standard texting rates apply}

Please Send a Text to 89800—Enter Only 1, 2, or 3:

  • 2—Apartment Therapy
  • 3—Bloomingdale's
    Oh and one other thing, if you're lucky enough to be in NYC January 28th, you're invited to attend the BWC celebratory party. 6-8 pm , 5th floor {}. Meet all of the designers in person and check out their innovative hard work. In the end , they're pretty much all winners. Cheers!

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